Spray Nozzle Applications Index from BETE

Spray nozzle applications in industries including Chemical, Food, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical and Pulp and Paper Processing and more.

Spray Nozzle Applications Index lists a variety of applications and customized solutions to suit your needs



Custom Nozzle Solution

AerospaceArea MistingSpecial XA Manifold
Agriculture/Food ProcessingDust Suppression3/8″ TF8FCN
AgricultureRain GardenRain Garden Layout with WL Nozzles
AgricultureMixingMiniature Eductor Nozzle with Weld Prep
AutomotiveInjection of Water into Engine ManifoldWall-Mounted L Nozzle
Chemical ProcessingDeluge Cooling3/4″ MaxiPass 343M
Chemical ProcessingMaterial InjectionFull Cone, Modified XAAD Air Cap
Chemical ProcessingToluene InjectionSpecial XA Lance Assembly
Chemical ProcessingTank WashingTank washing lance with custom connections
Chemical ProcessingArea DistributionDistribution Design
Chemical ProcessingSO2 ScrubbingSpecial High Flow NCK
Chemical ProcessingTank WashingExtra-large tank washing assembly
Chemical ProcessingDeluge WashTantalum CLUMP
Chemical ProcessingTank WashingSpecial Kynar LEM 8
Chemical ProcessingLow Flow Material InjectionSpecial XA Fluid Cap 14
Chemical ProcessingMaterial InjectionWall Mount WL in PTFE
Chemical ProcessingTank WashingChemical-resistant Tank Wash Nozzle
Chemical ProcessingArea DistributionMaxiPass Nozzles for Distillation Column Distribution
Chemical ProcessingCool & Remove Plastic Pellets from Cutter1/8″ NF 06-65 in Stainless Steel
Chemical ProcessingMaterial Injection/Mixing1″ SpiralAir 310-F-10
Chemical ProcessingGas CoolingCustom XAPR Spray Lance Design
CoalDust Suppression3/8″ TF in 316 SS
ConstructionHigh Pressure Shaft Wall Wash RingSpecial 2″ Nozzle Tube Assembly
Electric UtilitiesDust ControlRight angle adapter for XA Extension
Electric UtilitiesHigh Pressure Flue Gas Quench/Dust Control4″ FLTF 160 FFCN with 4″ 900lb Nickel Alloy C22 Flange
EntertainmentFire ProtectionSpecial nozzle coating
Entertainment – Theme ParksSpecial Effects – FoggingRTW with modified bearings
EthanolMaterial InjectionLarge Scale SpiralAir-type Nozzle
Fire ProtectionFire Hydrant Wash Station3/4″ NCK Nozzles
Fire ProtectionRoof-mounted Sprinkler System3/4″ TF32-150
Food ProcessingMoistening Dough1/8″ XAPF 050B
Food ProcessingCooling TunnelsRight-angle TF Spiral Nozzle (TFRA)
Food ProcessingPoaching Meat with Steam1/2″ WL Full Cone Whirl Nozzles
Food ProcessingPond CoolingTH Nozzles with Junction Boxes
Food ProcessingRapid Cooling Using Liquid Nitrogen1/4″ L 40 Nozzles in Stainless Steel
Food ProcessingArea MistingSpecial Geometry P Nozzle
Food ProcessingCheese Mould Washing1/4″ NF Nozzles with Swivel Joints (SJ)
Food ProcessingTank WashingSpecial CLUMP with Increased Spray Range
Food ProcessingHigh Impact WashingTW20-210 Spiral tank wash nozzle with back spray
Food ProcessingSpray DryingBETE Twister – Twist & Dry (TD) Swirl Removal Tool
Food ProcessingSpray DryingKnife-edge Twist & Dry (TD) Carrier
Food ProcessingTank WashingSpecial TW Lance with Sanitary Fittings
Food ProcessingArea MistingXASR used for sanitizing spray
Food ProcessingSpray Drying3″ SpiralAir 3101 Nozzle
Food ProcessingOdor Control Scrubbing4″ TF 8 FCN Lance Assembly
Food ProcessingSpray DryingTwist & Dry/TD-K
GovernmentCryogenic InjectionLance assembly with right-angle TFXW
Home Building MaterialsCoatingSpecial PVC XA
Manufacturing – PaintTote Cleaning3/4″ HydroWhirl S40
ManufacturingPaint SprayingSingle fluid automatic shut-off adapter
MarineAircraft WashingGround-mounted Pop-up Nozzles
Marine Pollution ControlSmoke Stack Gas Cooling1/4″ L40 Nozzle
Marine – ShipbuildingPersonnel ProtectionBlow-off cover for a spiral nozzle with a 170° spray angle
MiningDust ControlSpray Nozzles for Dust Control
PaperMaterial InjectionSpecial connection SpiralAir™
Petroleum ProcessingSour Water InjectionTF24XPN Retractable Spray Lance
Petroleum ProcessingMitigate HF in the Event of a Leak3/8″ TF20FCN
PetroleumFire Protection – Water WallWide Angle N Spiral Nozzle
PetroleumCombustionSpecial 3/8″ WL-1.8 60H
PetroleumLight Cycle Oil (LCO) QuenchSpecial MaxiPass Lance
PetroleumMaterial InjectionCobalt Alloy 6 MaxiPass with 316SS Adapter
PetrochemicalWash Water InjectionTH, WTZ, Right Angle WL (RAWL)
Petroleum ProcessingMixing/Agitation3″ TurboMix 1500
Petroleum ProcessingInjection WashingMaxiPass and WT nozzles
Petroleum ProcessingHF AlkylationNozzle Tubes
Petroleum ProcessingMaterial InjectionMaxiPass Lance with port for Temperature Sensor
PetroleumGas CoolingGas Cooling Adaptor
PetroleumGas CoolingRetractable SpiralAir Lances
PetroleumDeluge Fire ProtectionUL® Approved NCK
PetroleumWash Water into Gas StreamSpecial right angle MP
Petroleum ProcessingWashingHalf Pattern Plate Attachment
Petroleum ProcessingMaterial InjectionSpecial adapter
Petroleum ProcessingFoam ControlMaxiPass Nozzle Array
Petroleum ProcessingMaterial InjectionWall-mount adaptor for PJ nozzle
Petroleum ProcessingMaterial InjectionFlanged TF Lance
PharmaceuticalSpray Drying1/4″ XA with modified XAEF air cap to give a full cone pattern in an external mix nozzle
PlasticsTank WashingModified CLUMP
Plastics ProcessingTank CleaningCLUMP with recessed nozzles
PlatingParts Washing1/4″ NF10-90
Pollution ControlVenturi ScrubberSpecial 3″ SpiralAir Lance
Pollution ControlVenturi ScrubberLarge Capacity Flat Fan
PowerGas Turbine CoolingPJ Misting Nozzles
Power Generation SystemsGas Cooling1/4″ Wall-mount L and WL nozzles
Pulp & PaperDeluge WashNCK Nozzle
Pulp & PaperGas CoolingCustom length wall mount NF and TF
Pulp & PaperWashing PaperStraight stream PSR nozzles with extension tubes
RefiningFluid InjectionCustom Lance Fabrication
Refining/Chemical ProcessingOil Quench in Ethylene ProcessMaxiPass 1000N Lance
RefiningOther ScrubbingCustom Two Inch SPN
RefiningAlcohol Spray System Design3/8″ NT 1090 Nozzle Tube
ResearchEffects of Ice on Wind Turbines1/2″ MaxiPass 250W, 2.5″ SC50M, 4″ SC180N
SteelQuenching Flue Gas1 1/2″ SpiralAir 2301-B-10
SteelLocalized Weld CoolingSpecial Skew Angle NF
SteelCoating30′ XAFF Lance
SteelGas CoolingTitanium lance with multiple Twist & Dry nozzles
UtilitiesAqueous Ammonia Injection for Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)SpiralAir with Protection Air Shroud
UtilitiesGas CoolingSpecial Two-tipped XA Body
Utilities/EnergyWashing Sea Nets1/2″ NF60-50
UtilitiesSeawater Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)Special 4″ Flanged ST 161 XFCN
UtilitiesMaterial Injection (Purify Lake Water)Special Flanged NCK Nozzle
UtilitiesHigh Impact WashingStraight stream nozzle with high impact
UtilitiesAir Blow-offMW Head style manifold with four WL 1/2-60s and three WL 3/4-60s
UtilitiesInjecting Liquid Hydrocarbon into Gas StreamHigh turndown injector
Utilities – Geothermal Power PlantGeothermal Steam Water ScrubbingRight angle lance with WL nozzles on custom manifold
Wastewater TreatmentDistribution onto Filter MediaNC Series Full Cone Nozzles
Wastewater TreatmentHigh Impact Washing1″ NCS (Stubby) 1007M in 316 SS
Waste ManagementDry ScrubbingSpiralAir™ with special 25° offset body to fit into custom geometry inlet
Waste ManagementMaterial InjectionSpecial Quick-disconnect Lance
Waste ManagementGas ScrubbingSpiralAir lance with quick-disconnects
Wood ProductsHumidification of Cabinet Door FactorySpecial wide-angle air cap for XA series air atomizing nozzles
Spray Nozzle Applications Index

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