Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions – Custom Fluid Injection Quills

Application #071137

Industry: Refining

Application: Fluid Injection

Product Description: Custom Lance Fabrication

Situation: A Bete customer was interested in using several injection quills in a multitude of their injection processes. The processes included wash water, sour water, and anti-foaming agent injection. The quills needed to include two connection flanges and be able to withstand the harsh process conditions.

Solution: The quills were fabricated from 316 stainless steel and Hastelloy C276 for the varying degrees of chemical resistivity and heat resistance necessary. The inlet connections are raised face, weld neck flanges and the process connections are blind raised face flanges. The flanges have pressure ratings from 150 to 2500 pounds. Some quills included a slot on the tip that creates turbulence in the fluid flow that helps distribute the injected fluid. Bete designed and fabricated the quills to meet the customer’s specifications.

Custom Spray Nozzle Solutions – Custom Fluid Injection Quills Drawings and Sketches:

071137_appsketch 071137_drawing



BETE Fluid Injection 071137

BETE Fluid Injection 071137


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