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Mining and Minerals

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Mining and Minerals 

Mining has always been a core Canadian industry, and John Brooks Company has been there for the past 80 years.

For seven decades and more we have been providing our customers with spray nozzles, pumps and filtration equipment, assisting them through improving their processes in mining, mineral processing and environmental challenges. As a complete systems provider we have been able to deliver customized fluid handling solution packages and products to assist our customers with conserving energy, saving money and reducing downtime in their operations. Contact our Engineering team to see if we can find a more efficient and cost effective way to pump, spray, and filter.

Applications include:

Dust Suppression
Seal Flush Challenges
Waste Handling
Cooling Systems
Process Water & Brine Water Filtration
Solids Accumulation Prevention in basins/sumps
Spray Nozzle and other Downstream Equipment Protection
Water Supply and Recycle
Air Operated Diaphragm pumps for Utility/Transfer Applications

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