SEEPEX Pumps for Mining and Mineral Processing

Energy intensive Mining

SEEPEX Pumps for modern communication technologies

Exploration and retrieval of valuable metals, crucial for industries like mobile device manufacturing, and traditional energy production from fossil fuels, thrive in countries such as Australia, Canada, South America, Russia, and China. Despite decreasing extraction in Europe, the constant dewatering of pits remains essential.

SEEPEX pumps are versatile solutions for mining operations, whether above or below ground. They play a pivotal role in various processes including dewatering pits to prevent flooding, managing slurry by removing excess water from processing plants, introducing chemical additives for precious metal extraction, establishing maintenance bays for heavy equipment servicing, and managing wastewater in remote mine camps housing mining crews.

Powerful Solutions for Abrasive Materials

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps find extensive utilization within the global Mining industry. These pumps are essential for various tasks. Standard pumps from product group N are ideal for liquid transfer, while open hopper pumps handle high-dry-solid slurries efficiently. They're even capable of transporting sludges with different densities. For precise chemical dosing of valuable chemicals, dosing pumps from product group D are employed.

The exceptional wear resistance of these pumps allows them to handle even highly abrasive materials effectively. They can be easily mounted on basic baseplates with different gearbox and motor combinations. Alternatively, they can be installed on custom-engineered skids. These skids can include useful features such as solids control hoppers, discharge pipework, and non-return valves, ensuring safe and reliable operation in mining processes.

SEEPEX Pumps In The Mining Industry

Standard, hopper and metering pumps are used in almost all process steps, both underground and above ground.

Raw material extraction

  • Even multiphase raw materials can be easily extracted

Separation processes

  • Slurries and sludges are freed from excess water and transported further.

Finishing processes

  • Chemical additives are precisely dosed and added down to the exact drop.

Mine dewatering

  • SEEPEX pumps prevent mine flooding

Wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater at production sites is reliably pumped out and treated

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