SEEPEX Min - Mine Dewatering Unit

SEEPEX MIN-Mine Dewatering Unit

Mobile Ground Water Management

The SEEPEX Mine Dewatering Unit is engineered for efficient separation of oversized solids and conveying of mine water. The unit consists of a skid baseplate, tank, pipework, and a pump with a drive and controls. The compact design enables easy transport and the option to retrofit into existing dewatering units.

Conveying Capacity:
 72 m³/h
 317 US gpm
 24 bar
 350 psi


SEEPEX MIN-Mine Dewatering Unit Features & Benefits

Easy to maintain

  • Sliding casing, easy detachable tie rods and movable ladder for easy access to pump and settling tank.


  • Level control enables automatic operation and adjusts speed based on fluid level in hopper.

High pressure capability

  • Equal wall stators allow for higher pressures without increasing the size of the pump.


  • Compact Design allows easy transport and placement of complete skid where needed.


  • Suction and discharge pipework can remain in place when changing rotor and/or stator.


  • Customizable design for pump and settling tank according to various flows and pressures.

SEEPEX min mine dewatering unit

SEEPEX Extraction and Mineral Processing: Below and Above Ground Operations

Whether operating below ground or on the surface, SEEPEX pumps are versatile tools suitable for various mining applications. They excel in tasks such as pit dewatering to prevent flooding, efficient slurry management for processing plants, precise chemical dosing for valuable metal extraction, supporting maintenance bays for heavy equipment servicing, and effectively managing wastewater in remote mine camp facilities accommodating mining crews.

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