Engineered Solutions

No Job Too Big – No Detail Too Small

Engineered Solutions Brochure

The Custom Solutions Team at John Brooks Company has the depth and resources to tackle the big projects and the capability to react and adapt quickly when required. Founded in 1938, John Brooks Company has provided solutions fit-for-purpose in all segments of Canadian Industry including Manufacturing | Petro-Chemical | Mining | Food & Beverage | Pharmaceutical | Agriculture | Pulp & Paper | Municipal Wastewater Infrastructure.

  1. Custom Designed Systems
  2. Pre-Engineered Packages
  3. Manufacturing & Fabrication

John Brooks Engineering Capabilities include:

  • 10 dedicated members in the group. 5 are Professional Engineers registered in Ontario. 2 are CETs.
  • 2 of which are also registered as P. Engs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.
  • Certificates of Authorization for Ontario, Alberta, BC and Manitoba.
  • Primary specialties are Mechanical & Electrical, with a lot of experience in pumps, piping and spraying applications. We also have extensive experience with controls, mechanical design and water/waste water handling & treatment.
  • John Brooks has a wholly-owned Fabrication facility called MDA Filtration located in Cambridge, ON.  Pressure Vessel certifications for MDA are handled by John Brooks Engineering team
  • We have a full-time contracts administrator. We also have design and drafting capability using AutoCAD 2015 and we are in the midst of transitioning to 3D.
  • The group has extensive experience in managing both municipal and industrial projects that include systems that are as small as a stand-alone simplex or duplex pump skid up to large, multi-million dollar projects for Shell, Suncor, Fluor, Bantrel, AMEC, etc.
  • Our Engineering Systems work is primarily focused around value-added, custom & turn-key skids featuring our core products.

Project Management

  • Since the beginning, John Brooks Company Limited has been focused on providing stakeholders with solutions fit for purpose, whether that be selecting the right equipment for the job or meeting compliance standards. At the heart of every such solution is the Company’s Custom Solutions Team (CST), which concerns itself with every aspect of a project.
  • Your CST strives to work directly with EPC and end users to identify with the clients’ particular project requirements. The Team takes steps to identify process essentials, including technical, commercial and site-specific issues, with a view to offering solutions.
  • Your Team acts as a single focal point for stakeholders where  co-ordination between the Customer, Consultant, Engineering, Suppliers, Manufacturing and Sales all come together.
  • In doing so, your Team co-ordinates all the technical and commercial elements of the project including effective communication, custom documentation and quality management.
  • Your Team’s integrated project management goes one step further to include a compliance process based on PMI standards. The ultimate goal of John Brooks Company’s Customer Solutions Team service, is not only to determine the right solutions, but also to properly execute and communicate the process to stakeholders.
  • To that end, John Brooks Company offers Gantt charts to show how it plans to execute all phases of the project – from purchase order to commissioning and training.
  • When you choose John Brooks Company for your next Project you can be sure that you have a team of experts you can rely on and trust to provide the innovative solution you need.