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Wall Mounted Cleaning Nozzles for Hygienic Processes 

Cleaning 100% of tank cleaning shadow areas, the Alfa Laval Wall Mounted cleaning nozzle cleans those hard-to-reach areas that other nozzles can’t. This nozzle can be either installed flush with the tank wall or at the bottom of the tank. Combined with top-mounted cleaning devices, this nozzle can clean underneath agitator blades, coils, and other areas that are difficult to reach. Its adjustable nozzle with optimized high-impact spray pattern eliminates the risks associated with inadequate tank cleaning, ensuring higher product yield, better end-product quality, and reduced operating costs.

Increase productivity, safety, and yield by reducing risk and contamination in your tank with the Alfa Laval wall-mounted cleaning nozzle. Choose between the UltraPure version, or a standard media-driven version to optimize the best spray patterns to suit your cleaning process, no matter the tank size, design, or cleaning duty. Options include a pneumatic model and control unit for process monitoring and feedback. With pressurized cleaning agents, this nozzle targets hard-to-reach shadow areas, making it perfect for dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, home-personal care, and other industries. This nozzle reduces water, energy, and cleaning agent costs, minimizing environmental impact and low ownership costs.

More efficient tank cleaning improves process efficiency and safety as well as product quality and yield

  • 100% tank cleaning coverage in shadow areas makes batch and continuous process changeovers faster, safer and contaminant free
  • No risk of product contamination due to optimized, high-impact spray pattern
  • Highly efficient, precision tank cleaning even at low pressures, with up to 80% reduction in the use of energy, water, and cleaning media
  • Easy to install, operate and clean
  • Fast return on investment
Alfa Laval PlusClean

Alfa Laval PlusClean

Alfa Laval PlusClean Wall Mounted Nozzles by John Brooks ...
Alfa Laval PlusClean UltraPure

Alfa Laval PlusClean UltraPure

Alfa Laval PlusClean UltraPure by John Brooks Company. ...

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