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Exploring the Advantages of Low-Pressure Sewer Systems

One of the most fundamental decisions in improving wastewater infrastructure within the municipal industry is choosing between a gravity or low-pressure sewer system. While gravity sewer systems are a common choice, low-pressure sewer syste...

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John Brooks Company Announces President Retirement and Appointment of Co-CEOs

John Brooks Company Announces President Retirement and Appointment of Co-CEOs

John Brooks Company (JBC), the leading experts in fluid handling technology, announced today the retirement of President Gord Bell after a h...
BETE Spray Drying and the benefits of BETE Spray Drying Technology

Spray Drying: The Benefits of BETE Spray Dry Nozzle Technology

Spray drying is a transformative method in powder production, efficiently converting liquid or slurry solutions into finely crafted dry powd...
3M Cannabis Oil Filtration from John Brooks Company

Cannabis Oil Filtration Systems by 3M: Enhancing Quality

Legal Cannabis manufacturing is an evolving industry. Ensuring the highest product quality and compliance with regulations is paramount. Pur...

LAKOS Water Filtration for Cooling Tower Performance

Cooling towers work tirelessly to maintain optimal performance. However, the presence of airborne contaminants, impurities, and suspended so...
pump system resistance curves by John Brooks Company

Basic System Curve Calculations and Pump Performance

What is a System Resistance Curve for a Pump? The pump system resistance curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between the...
Vortexing and air entrainment in Pumps by John Brooks Company.

How Vortexing Can Impact Pump Performance

WHAT IS VORTEXING? Vortexing occurs when a liquid's surface is drawn too close to an inlet pipe, causing air to enter the system. This sucti...
Wilden AODD Pumps by John Brooks Company

How does an Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pump Work?

Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps service various industrial applications from hygienic to water and wastewater markets. AODD pumps...
Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning for Sanitary and Hygienic Industries

Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning Processes in Sanitary Industries

Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning Processes: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industries Alfa Laval has over 100 years of experien...

Benefits to Alfa Laval Tank Cleaning

Alfa Laval has over 100 years of experience in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and beauty industries, providing modern tank-cleaning d...