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Cannabis Oil Filtration Systems by 3M: Enhancing Quality


Legal Cannabis manufacturing is an evolving industry. Ensuring the highest product quality and compliance with regulations is paramount. Purification is an essential process for the quality and safety of the final product and for reaching your end goal.

In this blog, we'll explore cannabis filtration, the extraction challenges, and how filtration solutions by 3M guarantee quality and compliance in your regulated cannabis oil manufacturing.

What is Cannabis oil Filtration?

Cannabis oil filtration is used in the cannabis industry to refine and purify cannabis extracts and products. It removes impurities and unwanted substances from cannabis extracts, oils, or other substances from the cannabis plant.

Filtration in cannabis typically utilizes various methods to help separate plant material, waxes, fats, chlorophyll, and other undesirable compounds from the desired cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a more refined and higher-quality cannabis product.

The goal of cannabis oil filtration is to enhance the overall quality, potency, and purity of cannabis products, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations for safety.

The Cannabis Oil Extraction Process



A - Water: 3M High Flow Filter System / 3M Micro-Klean RT Series Cartridges 

- Bioburden: 3M Betafine XL / 3M Betapure NT Series Cartridges 

C - Particle Control: 3M DF Series Elements / 3M High Flow Filter System

D - Clarification/Polishing: 3M Zeta Plus H and 3M MH Series Cartridges 

E - Decolourization/Odor Control: 3M Activated Carbon Cartridges 

F - Microbiological Control: 3M LifeASSURE BNA and BDA Series Cartridges


addressing Key Challenges in Cannabis oil PRODUCTION

There are many challenges in the legal cannabis manufacturing process, such as purification, filtration, microbial control, and decolorization. Finding the right filtration solution is vital to overcome these challenges.

1. How can I ensure the quality of my cannabis oil?

Using effective filtration methods is essential to ensure the quality of cannabis oil. These methods will help remove unwanted substances such as impurities, plant bits, and other undesirable elements from the oil. Special filters for processing cannabis improve the oil's quality, making it purer and more potent for medicinal and recreational purposes.

2. What are the best filtration solutions for cannabis oil extraction?

The best way to extract cannabis oil involves using mechanical and specialized techniques. These methods remove unwanted plant materials, fats, waxes, and impurities from the extract and improve the extraction process, ensuring the cannabis oil is pure and high-quality.

Selecting the appropriate 3M filtration system for cannabis oil extraction is crucial to optimize the process and obtain a high-quality product.

  • 3M High Flow Series Filter
  • 3M DF Series Filter
  • 3M Zeta Plus H and MH Series Filter
  • 3M Activated Carbon Series Filter
  • 3M LifeASSURE BLA Series Filter
  • 3M Micro-Klean RT Series Filter

3. How can I enhance microbial control in my cannabis manufacturing process?

Strict hygiene rules are essential to improve cleanliness in cannabis production. It is also important to regularly clean equipment and facilities. Maintaining a controlled environment with good ventilation and humidity levels is crucial.

Testing and quality checks are important during production. They help to find and prevent microbial contamination and ensure the final product is safe for consumers. Microbial control is a critical concern, and finding efficient solutions to provide a sterile environment should be a priority.


4. What options are available for THE decolourization of cannabis oil?

Decolourizing cannabis oil involves removing unwanted pigments and colourants to enhance its visual appeal and marketability. There are two standard options for purifying cannabis oil. Activated carbon filtration is the first option. This method removes impurities from the oil.

The second option is using clays. These clays absorb colour compounds, making the oil more transparent and visually appealing.


3M's Comprehensive Cannabis oil Filtration Solutions

3M offers filtration solutions that support product quality and compliance in your regulated manufacturing process. Whether decolorization or microbial control, 3M provides high-quality filtration solutions for legal, medicinal-grade cannabis oil.

3M™ High Flow Series Filters

3M High Flow Series Filters ensure consistent particle control at high flow rates and are ideal for customers seeking filtration efficiency in a compact design. Its efficient design is perfect for optimizing its process while minimizing the footprint.


3M™ DF Series Filters

A superior alternative to conventional bag filters, the 3M DF Series Filters stand out with efficient contamination reduction, long service life, and an enhanced flow rate. It is designed explicitly for initial oil/ethanol processing clarification and tackles crystallization-related challenges effectively.


3M™ Zeta Plus™ SP Series Filters

3M Zeta Plus SP Series Filters, crafted from pharmaceutical-grade cellulose, showcase high contaminant-holding capacity and reliable particle reduction. Its application in post-winterization ether lipid removal makes it a valuable tool in the manufacturing process.


3M™ Zeta Plus™ H & MH Series Filters

3M Zeta Plus H Series Filters and 3M Zeta Plus MH Series Filters are charge-modified cellulose depth filters constructed with high-tensile strength media, ensuring efficient performance even during winterization. Ideal for post-winterization ether lipid removal, they contribute to a streamlined purification process.


3M Zeta Plus H Series Filter Cartridges


 3M Zeta Plus MH Series Filter Cartridges 

3M™ Activated Carbon Series Filters

Featuring an activated carbon bed with integral polypropylene filtration, 3M Activated Carbon Series Filters provide excellent flow rates and adsorption capability. It's highly effective in reducing trace organics in industrial applications.


3M™ LifeASSURE™ BLA Series Filters

Combining multi-zone microporous membrane and Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) construction, 3M LifeASSURE BLA Series Filters offers increased contaminant holding capacity and extended service life. Its application in pre-filtration for food and beverage processes and excellent microbial control make it indispensable.


3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT Series Filters

Designed with grooved construction, 3M Micro-Klean RT Series Filters is a rigid, polypropylene depth filter that offers increased surface area for extended filter life and high particle reduction efficiencies at high flow rates. It's an ideal choice for water-based food and beverage applications.


Unlocking Success with 3M Filtration Solutions and Expertise from John Brooks Company

The cannabis manufacturing sector is experiencing swift expansion and transformation. The secret to prosperity is the adoption of cutting-edge and efficient purification solutions. With 3M's range of filtration products combined with our committed team of experts, you can improve your cannabis manufacturing procedures and establish a superior benchmark for quality and compliance.

John Brooks Company is here to help you achieve effective cannabis purification and extraction. By understanding your application requirements, our filtration experts can help guide you to the ideal 3M filtration solution that meets your objectives and needs.

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