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Basic System Curve Calculations and Pump Performance

What is a System Resistance Curve for a Pump? The pump system resistance curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between the pump's flow rate and the total head (pressure) the pumping system requires.

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How Vortexing Can Impact Pump Performance

WHAT IS VORTEXING? Vortexing occurs when a liquid's surface is drawn too close to an inlet pipe, causing air to enter the system. This sucti...

Introduction to Pressure Gauges and How They are used to Measure Water Pressure

What Are Pressure Gauges? A pressure gauge is a device that measures the pressure of fluids, gas, or vapours in a pressure-powered unit to m...

An Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps: How do they work?

What Is a Centrifugal Pump? Pumps are usually identified by the mechanism they use to move liquids. In the case of centrifugal pumps, they u...