3M Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Series Filters

3M Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Series Filter Cartridges and Capsules incorporate the latest activated carbon technology to decolorize and remove contaminants from your process streams. Zeta Plus Activated Carbon media can be used in any application where bulk activated carbon is used.

Zeta Plus Principle

3M-Zeta-Plus-Activated-Carbon-Filter-Cartridges-Capsules-Fig1-150x90 High surface area activated carbon particles integrally combined with cellulose fibers
and a positively charged resin to form Zeta Plus Activated Carbon media.

3M Purification incorporates five standard types of activated carbon to cover a broad range of applications. These have been specifically selected for their properties to meet industry requirements. Zeta Plus Activated Carbon media is also available in different porosities so that solutions with different viscosities can be processed.

Flow Rate Influence
Adsorption of molecules by activated carbon relies on van der Waals forces. As those interactions are of short range, contact time between the solution and the filter media is critical.
When the flux increases the adsorption capacity of filter media decreases.


Features & Benefits of 3M Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Series Filter Cartridges and Capsules

Immobilized activated carbon in a cellulose-resin binder matrix.

  • Eliminates the handling of bulk powdered carbon, eliminates equipment and solvent contamination with carbon dust and improves worker safety.

Variety of activated carbon types available.

  • Provides a product portfolio that enables maximum process economy, fewer unit operations and less re-work of off spec material.

Totally enclosed, sanitary or industrial design filter cartridge housing.

  • Significantly reduces time required for cleaning between batches and reduces operator exposure to potentially harmful solvent fumes.

Easy to install filter cartridges.

  • Easy to use, reduces labor costs, positive sealing mechanism.

Full range of cartridge and capsule configurations.

  • Full range of scale-able configurations from bench top to production.

FDA Drug Master File, Biological Safety, Regulatory Support File & Certificate of Quality.

  • Eases validation and regulatory submissions from bench top to production.


Applications Include:


  • Catalyst removal
  • Decolorization of solvents
  • Decolorization of fine chemicals
  • Removal of organic contaminants


  • Alcohol deodorization
  • Decolorization of perfumes

Food & Beverage

  • Removal of trace organic contaminants from gelatin, pectin, juices, oils
  • Decolorization of wine & cider
  • Decolorization of sugar
  • Spirit purification
  • Fatty haze removal
  • Decolorization of silicone oil


3M Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Capsules

3M Zeta Plus Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Capsules


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