Pneumatic Products solve compressed air and gas contamination problems of the most demanding industries: aerospace, food, beverage, chemical, biochemical, electronics, primary metals, power generation, petrochemical, pulp & paper and a host of others. Custom engineered dryers are crafted from specialty metals to handle corrosive and harsh environments.

Pneumatic-Products-Compressed-Air-Dryers-276x300 Pneumatic Products Compressed Air Dryers

Desiccant bed regeneration is accomplished using a side-stream percentage of clean, dry, internally supplied compressed air.

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NRG-LES Series – Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryers

Pneumatic Products Compressed Air Dryers NRG-LES Series  provide a cost effective solution to remove moisture from compressed air. The sustainable energy saving design reduces operating costs and delivers instrument quality air.

CAB Series – Blower Regenerated Dryers

CAB Series (1,200-13,000 scfm) dryers are the first choice in critical large-flow applications that demand quality, energy efficiency and superior service support.

CHA Series – Heat-Les™ Desiccant Air Dryers

CHA Series Heat-Les™ desiccant compressed air dryer is the most reliable, energy efficient, large-flow heatless dryer available. Standard designs are offered for flows ranging from 1,800 to 12,100 scfm, pressures from 60 to 150 psig, and pressure dew points of -40°F to -100°F.

DEA Series – Internally Heated Dryers

DEA Series Internally Heated Dryers (100-4,900 scfm) DEA Series incorporates our down-flow drying process and state-of-the-art design features unequaled in industry. Using approximately 2% process gas for purge, the DEA is the most energy efficient dryer on the market.

DHA & CDA Series – Heat-Les™ Desiccant Air Dryers

Critical applications and hostile environments challenge common industrial dryer designs. DHA Series (-40°F) and CDA Series (-100°F) dryers deliver unrivaled performance and reliability through standard and customized orientations.

ESM Series – Energy Saving Refrigerated Air Dryer

ESM Series (3750 to 12500 scfm) utilizing the latest technological advancements, ESM Series refrigerated dryers offer a new way of thinking and innovative approach to efficiently treat compressed air.

IBP Series – Blower Purge Industrial Air Dryers

IBP Series industrial grade dryers are 100% efficient at delivering full supply-side compressor capacity.

PHD Series – Externally Heated Industrial Air Dryers

Compressed air drying applications that simply want seasonal protection against freezing are exactly what the standard PHD Series desiccant dryers are designed to address.

Pneumatic-Products-Compressed-Air-Adorbers-82x300 Compressed Air Filter Adsorbers

Contaminant removal products are critical to the effective design and performance of a compressed air or gas system.

Pneumatic-Products-Specialty-Dehydration-Technologies-282x300 Dehydration Technologies

Leverage key purpose-built components to provide the quality and service demanded by critical applications.

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Pneumatic-Products-Condensate-Management-300x168 Condensate Management

Durability and reliability are offered with a complete line of fully automatic types including: float, timer actuated, no-air-loss and motorized ball valves.

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Pneumatic-Products-Dri-Breathers-300x214 Pneumatic Products Dri-Breathers

Dri-Breathers prevent moisture from contaminating stored hygroscopic liquids such as hydraulic fluid or gasoline.

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Pneumatic-Products-Flame-Arresters-227x300 Flame Arresters

Pneumatic Products manufactures flame arresters for Class B, C and D gases including Hydrogen.

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Pneumatic Products CAB Series Heated Desiccant Air Dryers JB

Pneumatic Products CAB Series Heated Desiccant Air Dryers JB


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