Injection Water Filtration Solutions

Injection water filtration is a crucial process in managing the quality of water used in Oil and Gas production. Particulate invasion during oil production process poses several problems. It has adverse effects on the production levels and operational costs. Injection water filtration equipment and systems from John Brooks Company Limited are high quality and reliable. They are designed to be the best fit for your water injection projects.Used in onshore and offshore developments, water injection involves drilling injection wells into a reservoir and introducing water into that reservoir to encourage oil production. While the injected water helps to increase depleted pressure within the reservoir, it also helps to move the oil in place.

Depending on the type of water injected, the nature of the particulate varies. It is challenging to eliminate extremely small sized particulates with regular methods. Injection water must be treated so that the oil and particulate content is reduced to sufficient levels to prevent potential clogging of the reservoir well pores and subsequent loss of oil production. It requires customized and specialized filtration equipment that guarantee high quality water. Cartridge filters are proven to be the ideal solution to tackle this problem.

Use these injection water filtration solutions to –

  • Enhance contaminant holding capacity for longer life
  • Consistently and efficiently remove particles
  • Reduces the potential for element rupture and downstream fluid contamination
  • Benefit from longer service life and holding capacity than regular filters

Injection water filtration - injection water well

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