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Water Reuse

Water reuse is essential. The global reality is startling: natural freshwater reserves are disappearing and ground and surface water resources are deteriorating. Increased demand, coupled with the costs of drinking water production and wastewater treatment, makes the problem even more complex. Given this, water recovery and reclamation technology is a viable, profitable — and vital alternative.

Through various membrane filtration technologies, H2O Innovation is capable of treating domestic and industrial wastewater and producing non potable water for multiple applications such as irrigation, farming, replenishment of aquifers, etc. Our ability to innovate and adapt to any scenario makes us capable of developing water reuse systems for small and large-scale installations.

H2O Innovation uses the following membrane filtration technologies to design water reuse systems:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Membrane bioreactors

H2O Innovation’s knowledge of water reuse technologies was put to good use for the Orange County Water District. The Company designed a system capable of treating secondary effluent that are later used for the replenishment of the aquifer to avoid seawater intrusion. This project is one of the 4 largest water recycling plants of its kind in the world.

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H2O Innovation Water Reuse

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