ClydeUnion CUP-BB2 Centrifugal Pump

Between Bearings:  Single-Stage and Two-Stage, API, Radially Split Pump

ClydeUnion CUP-BB2 Pumps are a heavy duty, horizontal, single- or two-Stage, radially split, between bearings, double suction pump, top-top or side-side suction and discharge connections. The CUP-BB2 pump is designed and manufactured to the latest edition of API 610.

The CUP-BB2 pumps are employed for many oil & gas, desalination, power, and general industrial applications. Stringent API noise and vibration limits are met due to a rigid pump body with 360 degrees bearing support and heavy centerline mounting. Reliable operation at elevated temperatures is ensured due to a number of cooling methodologies complementing inherently cool running bearing modules.

Capacity up to: 6,600 USgpm 1,500 m3/hr
Delivery up to: 2,300 ft 700 m
Temperature up to: 800°F 427°C
Speeds up to: 3,600 rpm
Flange Drilling: ANSI or BS

CUP-BB2 Applications:

  • Boiler Feed
  • Booster
  • Gas Processing
  • Nuclear & Conventional Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery Processes
  • Upstream Processes

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ClydeUnion CUP-BB2 Centrifugal Pump

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