A-T Controls Triac Valves from John Brooks Company

A-T Controls Triac Valves are used in virtually every industry including: Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Transportation, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Marine, HVAC, Power and more.

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A-T Controls Triac Valves including Ball Valves – Butterfly Valves – Actuators – Controls

Ball Valves

AT Controls Uni-Body & 2-Piece Ball Valves Uni-Body & 2-Piece Ball Valves
AT Controls 3-Piece Ball Valves 3-Piece Ball Valves
AT Controls High Purity Valves High Purity Ball Valves
AT Controls Multi-Port Ball Valves Multi-Port Ball Valves
AT Controls flanged ball-valves Flanged Ball Valves
AT Controls metal seated ball-valves Metal Seated Ball Valves
AT Controls V-Port Control Ball Valves V-Port Control Valves
AT Controls trunnion mounted ball valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
AT Controls specialty valves & assemblies A-T Controls Triac Valves – Specialty Valves & Assemblies

Butterfly Valves

AT Controls high performance butterfly-valves High Performance Butterfly Valves
AT Controls resilient seated butterfly-valves Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

A-T Controls Triac Valves – Actuators

Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators
Electric Actuators Electric Actuators

Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Actuators Heavy Duty | Scotch Yoke Actuators
Floor Mounted Damper Drives Floor Mounted Damper Drives


AT Controls Triac Gear Operators Gear Operators
AT Controls Triac Limit Switches Limit Switches
AT Controls Triac Positioners Positioners

AT Controls Triac Solenoids Solenoids
AT Controls Triac Control Accessories Control Accessories & Special Solutions
  • Air Volume Boosters
  • Block and Bleed Valve
  • Filter Regulator
  • Flow Control and Speed Control
  • Fusible Link
  • Lock-up Valve
  • Three Position Dribble Control
  • Valve Position Dome Indicators

AT Controls Triac Valves and Accessories from John Brooks Company

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AT-Controls Chemical Processing

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AT Controls Triac Valves Selection Guide - How To Order

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A-T Controls Triac Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves Overview

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A-T Controls Triac

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