JB Valve Automation | In-House Manufacturing, Assembly & Testing Capabilities

At John Brooks Company we provide a sole-source service for all valve and automation requirements. Our Experts are here to assist you in not only selecting the best components for your Application – but also with manufacturing, assembly and testing.

  • Mounting Kits Manufactured In-house
  • Assembly Completed In-house
  • Operational Testing Completed In-house

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16″ High Performance Butterfly Valves

  • 16” ABZ High Performance Lug Body Butterfly Valves

  • Flange spools added on each side – meets Gate Valve face-to-face requirements

  • Installed in a landfill gas application, to replace existing gate valves.


PBV Trunnion Valves

  • 2″ 1500# Class PBV Forum Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

  • Sharpe Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

  • Westlock Explosion Proof Limit Switch


14″ V-Port Control Valves

  • 14″ V-Port Control Ball Valve

  • Bernard Controls Modulating Electric Actuator

  • For Flow Control on a Chilled Water System – providing Chilled Water for a District Heating Company


Knife Gate Valves

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves with Westlock Quantum Valve Position Monitor & Integrated Solenoid Valve


We proudly represent an extensive line-up of high quality valve and component manufacturers – contact one of our Experts today to help you find a solution to your valve application needs. 


Valve Line Card

Valve Line Card

JB Valve Automation

JB Valve Automation


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