A-T Controls Triac H78 Series Cast High Purity Manual & Automated Ball Valves | Series HP & H78

A-T Controls Triac Series H78, BPE Compliant, high purity ball valves are available with BPE compliant hygienic clamp or tube ends. Superior leak protection is accomplished by using a live-loaded packing system featuring Belleville washers and chevron (v-ring) packing. These high purity ball valves are excellent for a variety of applications in various industries that require hygienic flow.

A-T Controls Triac H78 Series Cast High Purity Ball Valves Features

  • Sizes 1/2”-4”
  • 1000 PSIG, 1-1/2”-2”
  • 600 PSIG, 2-1/2”
  • 507 PSIG, 3”
  • 393 PSIG, 4”
  • Available in A351 CF3M
  • SF1, Mechanically Polished Standard
  • SF4, Electropolish Option
  • 3-Piece Body Design
  • BPE, Hygienic Clamp Ends or Tube OD Ends
  • “B-Line” Flow Design
  • TFM™-1600 Seats
  • SFP6 or better, polymeric surfaces
  • Superior Live Loaded Packing System
  • Pyramidal Stem Seal Design
  • Blowout Proof Stem
  • Lockable Manual Handle Standard
  • Unique Serial Numbers
  • Documentation & Traceability

A-T Controls Triac H78 Series Applications

  • Clean Steam
  • High Purity Water
  • High Purity Gas
  • Clean Dry Air (CDA)
  • Water for Injection (WFI)
  • Ultrafiltraion
  • Gas Delivery
  • Sterilization
  • Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

A-T Controls Triac H78 Series Industries

  • Bio-Pharm
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics/Personal Care
  • Brewing/Distilling
  • Semiconductors
  • Gas Delivery Systems
  • Sterilization Systems

Manual Ball Valve Part Number Matrix

HOW TO ORDER MANUAL VALVES   (ie. ATC-F – 88 C – TH – 0150 – XXX)
1 – 2 3  4 – 5  6 7 8 9
ATC-F – 88 C  TH – 0150 – X X X  




 End Connection

ATC-F Fire Safe Tested TH NPT Ends
ATC-F (on 31 Series) Graphite Packing & Seals SW Socket Weld Ends
ATC-T (on 31 Series) TFM Packing & Seals BW Butt Weld Ends
ATC-NS NSF 61 & 372 Certified Series EW Extended Butt Weld Ends
  F1 150# Flanged Ends

 Valve Series

F3 300# Flanged Ends
10 1pc. Regular Port 2000 WOG F6 600# Flanged Ends
20 2pc. Full Port 1000 WOG FR 600# RTJ Flanged Ends
21 2pc. Regular Port 2000/1500 WOG SA Sanitary Clamp Ends
22 2pc. Direct Mount 1000 WOG, Full Port SF Sanitary Clamp Ends w/ Cavity Filler
23 2pc. 3600 WOG, Seal-Welded DA Tube O.D. Ends
24 2pc. 3000 WOG DF Tube O.D. Ends w/ Cavity Filler
26 2pc. 6000 WOG, Seal-Welded DS Sanitary Clamp x Tube O.D. Ends
30 3-Way Flanged, Full Port TE NPT x Extended Butt Weld
31 3-Way Flanged, Direct Mount, Full Port TS NPT x Socket Weld
33 3, 4, 5-Way Full Port, Multiport MF Male NPT x Female NPT
38 3-Way NPT, Regular Port QQ Tube Socket Weld
55 3pc. 1000/800 WOG, Full Port W1 150# Wafer
77 3pc. 1000/800 WOG, Full Port, Sanitary W3 300# Wafer
HP 3pc. Forged High Purity W6 600# Wafer
H78 3pc. Cast High Purity, Encapsulated Bolts  
83 3pc. 2000/1500 WOG, Full Port

 Valve Size

8R 3pc. 2000/1500 WOG, Regular Port 0025 1/4″
88 3pc. Direct Mount 2000/1500/1000 WOG, Full Port 0038 3/8″
R8 3pc. Direct Mount 2000/1500 WOG, Regular Port 0050 1/2″
90 2pc. Flanged Full Port (Investment Cast) 0075 3/4″
91 Unibody Regular Port Flanged 0100 1″
93 2pc. Flanged Full Port (Sand Cast) 0125 1-1/4″
V7 3pc. Sanitary, V-Port 0150 1-1/2″
V8 3pc. V-Port 0200 2″
V9 Flanged V-Port 0250 2-1/2″
D9 Direct Mount Flanged 0300 3″
T5 Tank Bottom 3pc. 0400 4″
C8 Cryogenic 3pc. Full Port 0600 6″
CR Cryogenic 3pc. Regular Port 0800 8″
DR 3-Way Bottom Entry Diverter Valve 1000 10″
LB PFA Lined Split Body Flanged Ball Valve 1200 12″
P1 Schedule 10 Piggable Valve  
MU Metal Seat Unidirectional Shutoff, Floating Ball

 Seat, Lining & Trim Materials

MB Metal Seat Bidirectional Shutoff, Floating Ball X Reinforced TFE Seats (RTFE)
MS Metal Seat Scraper Seat Design P Virgin TFE (PTFE)
MX Metal Seat 3 pc. Bidirectional, Floating Ball U UHMWPE Seats
M3 3-Way Metal Seat D Delrin®
VS Segment V-Port, Soft S 50/50 STFE Seats
VM Segment V-Port, Metal Graphite Packing C 25% CS Powder/ 75% TFE Seats (CTFE)
VV Segment V-Port, Metal Viton® Packing T TFM™-1600
WB Block and Bleed Isolation Valve, 2000 WOG F TFE Cavity Filler
W6 Block and Bleed Isolation Valve, 6000 WOG K PCTFE (Cryogenic)
    L PFA Lined w/ PTFE Seats

 Body Material

M MG1241
Blank No Designation=SST Body and Trim Z PEEK
A Alloy 20 2 Tungsten Carbide Coated 316 SST Seats & Ball
C Carbon Steel Body 3 HCr Coated Ball/Stellite® Inlay Seats
L Low Carbon 316L Stainless Steel 4 Chrome Carbide Coated 316 SST Seats & Ball
J Low Carbon 304 Stainless Steel 8 Inconel® 718+CrC
H Carbon Body /Hastelloy Ball & Stem  
Q Carbon Steel Body/Monel Ball & Stem

 Special Designation

R 316 SST Body/Monel Ball & Stem X No Specials | Series Standard
T Hastelloy C-276 Body & Trim G Gear Operator
E Electropolished Stainless Steel L Lockable Handle (HP Series)
Z Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel R Regular Port Valve
D CD3MN Duplex SST O Oval Handle (Available on Some)
G CE3MN Super Duplex SST S Spring Return Handle (Direct Mount Only)
2 F316L (SF4) Electropolished Forged  
3 CF3M (SF4) Electropolished Cast
4 F316H Forged
6 WC6
9 WC9

 Additional Specials


 Special Designation

X No Specials | Series Standard Blank No Designation, SST Stem
O Oxygen Cleaned 3 30° V-Port (V-ball)
Z Special End Configuration 6 60° V-Port (V-ball)
V Vented Ball 9 90° V-Port (V-ball)
E Bonnet Extension Lockable Handle A A 17-4 PH® Stem
F Fugitive Emissions Bonnet B XM-19 (Nitronic 50) Stem
D Degreased & Bagged C Duplex 2205 Stem
  D Inconel® 718 Stem
L L-Port 3-Way Arrangement
T T-Port 3-Way Arrangement
K FFKM O-Ring (31 Series)
X No Specials, Standard (HP/H78 Series)
S Anti-Static Option (HP/H78 Series)


AT Controls Triac Valves Product Overview

AT Controls Triac Valves Product Overview

AT Controls Triac HP H78 High Purity Ball Valves

AT Controls Triac HP H78 High Purity Ball Valves


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