3M High Flow Filter System

The 3M High Flow filter system gives you high flow performance in a compact design and is ideally suited for applications where convenience and ease of use are priorities.

The 3M High Flow filter system uses 3M Innovation and 3M Purification Inc.’s extensive filtration experience to enable flow rates up to 85 GPM in a single cartridge. The Compound Radial Pleat design packs significantly higher usable surface areas per unit volume than can be achieved with conventional pleated cartridge filters.

3M High Flow Filter System’s housing includes features such as an ergonomically designed handle and a unique “twist-to-lock” seating mechanism facilitate easy operation and maintenance of the filter system. The system is particularly suitable for many OEM applications.

Materials Of Construction:

Each grade of the 3M High Flow Filter Cartridge is manufactured from melt blown FDA compliant polypropylene microfiber media, providing high particle reduction efficiency with broad chemical compatibility. No adhesives, binders, surfactants, or lubricants are used in the manufacturing process.

Operating Conditions:

Maximum Operating Temperature160°F (71°C)
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure50 psid @ 68°F (3.4 bar @ 20°C)
Recommended Change-out Pressure35 psid @ 68°F (2.4 bar @ 20°C)
Features & Benefits of the 3M High Flow Filter System Include:
  • High flow capability of up to 85 gpm per cartridge:
    Reduced filter usage – minimizes product loss, labor, disposal costs, operator exposure, and downtime for filter change-out
  • Patent Pending Compound Radial Pleat design:
    High loading capacity for long life and lower cost filtration
  • Compact design:
    Smaller housing minimizes capital expense requirements,
    Reduces system footprint
  • Absolute rating:
    Reproducible effluent quality throughout the filter’s life
  • Easy to Use:
    No special tools or hardware required for filter change-out minimizes downtime,
    “Twist-to-lock” seating mechanism provides positive seal,
    Ergonomically designed handle – facilitates easy cartridge installation and removal
  • FDA compliant:
    Suitable for wide range of food and beverage applications


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