Food Grade Pumps – Sanitary pumps for food and beverage processing

Food grade pumps from John Brooks are sanitary and hygienic pumps, used in the food and beverage industries in processes where a clean, sterile and sanitary atmosphere is needed. These food grade pumps comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations like FDA, 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG and are also maintenance-friendly. 

The hygiene and safety standards in the food and beverage industry have risen sharply in recent years. Pumps are used in almost all product processes and need to meet the increased requirements for:

  • Gentle handling, cleaning, and sterilization
  • Absolute hygiene in all processes
  • Operational safety and ease of maintenance

We follow the guidelines for the hygienic design of pumps used in the production of hygienically and micro-biologically clean food.

To find the right sanitary or food grade pump for your process we make sure we understand your full scope of requirements and details of the product you are pumping. We can then match you with the pump to meet your needs.

We have partnered with the food industry’s leading pump manufacturers to offer  pump options at the most competitive prices available.

Safety and Quality

While the hygienic market faces a multitude of challenges, the top concern is product safety and quality. A product recall can cost the manufacturer a tremendous amount of money, time and effort, and possibly damage the company reputation beyond repair. This is why any equipment that comes in contact with the product must meet stringent industry requirements. Our AODD pumps excel in hygienic applications they have been designed to conform with sanitary standards (3A, EHEDG and FDA Guidelines, etc.) while providing gentle product handling, superior containment and easy maintenance, are shear sensitive, self priming and high  vacuum.

Partner with us for all your sanitary pumping needs. 


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