Open Top Headbox Shower Eliminates Pulp Build-Up

Open Top Headbox Shower Eliminates Pulp Build- up in a Paper Production Factory


A pulp mill in Western Canada was facing a production and maintenance challenge due to a build-up of pulp around the inside diameter of the headbox. Pulp build-up can lead to bio-degradation and contamination of the pulp, affecting the integrity of the product. The build-up was being treated manually but this method of cleaning was not as efficient as a dedicated shower header could be.


Our application expert, Steve Faulks, worked with the customer to find a solution for an open-top headbox design. A custom shower design that would keep the inside of the headbox clean, without spraying above the open-top, was recommended. This design eliminated the accumulation of pulp on a continuous basis so manual cleaning was no longer required. The shower was installed during a scheduled maintenance shut-down so production was not affected.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Productivity
  • Elimination of Potential Web Breaks
  • Improved Product Quality


  • John Brooks Custom Built Shower Header 3” SCH 40 Pipe
  • 122 Drop Pipe Nozzle Assemblies | 60° Full Cone Nozzles


  • 252” Shower Header is mounted on top of the Headbox.
  • Nozzle Extensions place nozzles as close to the problem area as possible.
  • Cleaning Spray is directed several inches down into the Headbox.
  • A Shower Sub-Assembly was added at each end to spray the short sides.

Open-Top Headbox Shower- Pulp Build Up-Case Study

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Open Top Box Shower Header

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