MDA Simple Duplex Filter Packages to Fully Automated Multi-Stage Filtration Systems

John Brooks MDA Filtration Custom Engineered Systems

Designed & Built to Customers Specifications

  • Skid mounted packages including pumps, filters, & other equipment from our complete line of fluid handling products.
  • Skid packages can range from a simple duplex filter package to a fully automated multi-stage filtration system.

MDA Filtration is a division of John Brooks Company Limited and quick to adapt new technologies to meet the marketplace demands. We provide reliable filtration systems.

Dedicated and enthusiastic craftsmen are eager to share their experience with the customer. MDA can provide solutions in filter configurations to meet specific filtration design needs. We specialize in weld overlays of prefabricated components for use in corrosive and erosive environments.

We can read premature filter failure signs through testing that determines fabric degradation caused by thermal exposure, chemical attack, abrasion, or cleaning inefficiencies. The use of filters has grown over the past several years as engineers recognize that filtration can eliminate complicated gating systems and prevents inclusions from occurring.

Often filters operate under conditions that are different from those for which the original system was designed. By providing system performance valuations, MDA offers designed equipment solutions for various applications. We can manufacture filtration that can dispense all types of materials for long-term solutions.

Expertise is applied to every manufacturing phase to ensure maximum performance. We monitor progress throughout the process by inspecting and testing, while documenting results with each project. We supply filtration through the region and have world-wide imports and exports.

For over 25 years, MDA Filtration has been involved in the production and world-wide distribution of high rate industrial and environmental filtration systems.

Strategically located in the industrial sector of Ontario, Canada – MDA Filtration is near major transportation networks which allow for quick service and delivery.


Brochure MDA Filtration

Brochure MDA Filtration


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