MDA Coalescer Vessels

MDA Coalescer Vessels are technological devices performing coalescence, primarily used to separate emulsions into their components. There are two types of Coalescers – Mechanical and Electrostatic. MDA is a manufacturer of the Mechanical Coalescer. In the area of compressed air purification, Mechanical Coalescing Filters are used to separate liquid water and oil from compressed air using a coalescing effect. These filters additionally remove particles. The most commonly used media in this case is Borosilicate Micro-Fiber.

Pressure: 150 to 3000 PSI

Flow Rate: Up to 3000 USGPM

Diameter: 8″ to 48″

Installation: Vertical – with drain pipe | Horizontal – with sump

Materials of Construction Include: Carbon Steel with internal epoxy | Stainless Steel SS 304/304L | Stainless Steel SS 316/316L | Aluminium


Brochure MDA Filtration

Brochure MDA Filtration


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