MDA Bag Filter Vessels are available for single, duplex, and multi-bag configurations capable of holding up to 48 or more bags. Bag filters are fabric filters designed primarily to remove particulate material from fluids. Some bag filters can also absorb oil and can remove non-emulsified oil. Bags are both depth and surface filters and available in both nominal and absolute rating. Bags can be sewn or welded. Single bag housings can accommodate bags of any diameter and length. However multi-bag vessels are made to accommodate P2 or # 2 size bags which are 7″ (D) X 32 ” (L). Filter bags are available in 1.0 um to 1000 um rating.

Pressure: 100 to 3000 PSI

Flow Rate: Up to 3000 USGPM

Diameter: Up to 72″

Installation: Vertical | Horizontal

Materials of Construction Include: Carbon | Stainless Steel SS 304/304L | Stainless Steel 316/316L | Duplex Steel | Aluminium | Other Alloys e.g. Titanium, Hastalloy, etc.


Brochure MDA Filtration

Brochure MDA Filtration


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