BETE NC Full Cone Nozzles

Bete NC Spray Nozzle – Full Cone Whirl Spray Nozzle

Bete whirl nozzles provide uniform distribution of relatively large droplets. Tangential or axial whirl nozzles feature an internal vane within the nozzle body which causes the liquid to “whirl”. The Bete NC spray nozzle is part of the Bete Axial Whirl Full Cone nozzles and produces substantially uniform coverage over a circular area. Choose this nozzle when large particulate is not present.

Design Features of the Bete NC Spray Nozzle:

  • High flow rates with coarse atomization
  • Reliable, uniform coverage
  • Manufactured in chemical-resistant plastics and some bar stock metal alloy materials
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be customized to a particular flow rate and angle
  • Male and female connections
  • Wide range of flow rates and spray angles available
  • Wide range of connection sizes and connection types available
  • Flanged connection available in larger models—see NCFL
  • For metal alloy nozzles, refer to MaxiPass, SC or TC series

Spray Characteristics of the Bete NC Spray Nozzle:

  • High flow rates with coarse atomization
  • Spray pattern:  Full Cone.
  • Spray angles:  60°, 90° and 120° standard
  • Flow rates:  2.01 to 2150 gpm (7.50 to 8180 L/min)
    (Higher flow rates available)

bete nc

Bete NC – Wide Angle, Low Flow:

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Bete NC Spray Nozzle Data - Imperial

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Bete NC Spray Nozzle Data - Metric

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