Vogelsang EP Series

Rotary Lobe Pump for Extreme Conditions and High Pressures

Vogelsang EP Series has been manufactured for demanding applications. In industry, work is often carried out with demanding liquids, which therefore need to be transported and pumped. Robust and reliable pump systems play an important role here. This is because they come into direct contact with the medium to be processed and are required for a wide variety of production processes. For extreme conditions, such as use in potentially explosive environments or for the pumping of chemically aggressive and hot media, pumps must meet special industry-specific conditions and standards. e.g. in the oil and gas industry, in the production of sugar, paints and varnishes and in tank farms.

The high-performance gearbox with helical gears generates pressures of up to 18 bar with incomparably quiet running. The low-pulsation pumping reduces wear on the adjacent piping to a minimum. For high operational reliability, the pump is equipped with an AirGap. This gap provides atmospheric separation between the gearbox and the pump chamber. Even in the event of a leak, no liquid enters the gearbox, but flows off to the outside.


  • High-Performance Gearbox:  The new helical high-performance gearbox is extremely quiet and inimitably smooth in operation. This results in very low vibration velocities, which reduces the stress on the pump and connected pipelines to a minimum. Due to the robust gearbox, extremely high differential pressures with a long service life are possible.
  • One-Piece Housing:  The one-piece housing is low in dead space and flow-optimized, which increases efficiency. The service friendliness is further increased by the optimized connections.
  • AirGap:  To increase operational reliability, the EP series pumps are equipped with an AirGap. This gap atmospherically separates the gearbox from the pump chamber. This means that even in the event of a leak, no liquid enters the gearbox but flows outwards. Furthermore, the transmission is effectively protected against high temperatures of the pumped medium.
  • CIP-SIP Compliance:  The low dead space design of the one-piece housings allows for easy cleaning. The pumps can be flushed and disinfected according to CIP and SIP guidelines.
  • Material Variety:  Alongside the standard model in abrasion-resistant gray cast iron, versions in ADI and stainless steel are stocked as well. On request, the components of the pump chamber can be manufactured from duplex steel or a nickel-based alloy. Other options for customization include heat treatment and wear-resistant coatings for the wear plates and housing components.
  • Lobe Variety:  With our extensive selection of lobe geometry and materials, we will find the right long-life lobe for your media, e.g. NBR, NBR white, SBR, EPDM-SL, EPDM-AL, EPDM white, CSM, FKM, PU, stainless steel or nitrided steel. The lobes can be produced in a straight, double-wing geometry or as 3-wing; 4-wing or 6-wing, pulsation-free HiFlo lobes.
  • Axial Wear Plates:  Axial wear plates are made from highly wear-resistant special steel and therefore extend maintenance intervals. They offer protection for the entire pump chamber and therefore not only simplify maintenance, but also minimize downtime. At the same time costs are minimized.


  • Automatic Supply Unit (ASU):  Seal supply systems have the task of keeping the lubricant of a seal at a constant level and maintaining the sealing pressure within the seal. With its Automatic Supply Unit (ASU), Vogelsang has opened up a completely new world of seal supply systems. The patented system is barely larger than a beverage can and consists of a reciprocating pump that interacts with the seal to pump sealing medium into the chamber as soon as the set pressure deviates.
  • Radial Wear Plates:  The wear plates, made from highly wear-resistant special steel, extend maintenance intervals considerable, simplify maintenance and minimize downtimes. Also your costs are significantly reduce during maintenance.
  • HiFlo Lobes:  Unlike conventional lobes, Vogelsang’s HiFlo® lobes ensure pulsation-free pumping and consequently longer lifetimes for the drive and coupling. At the same time, the suction capacity is increased due to the higher number of sealing lines. The improved internal sealing enables suction from deep pits.
  • ATEX:  An ATEX-compliant version can be supplied for use in areas subject to explosion hazards.
  • Speed Sensor:  The speed-dependent displacement of the VX rotary lobe pumps makes them ideal for precise longitudinal distribution within the spreading swath. Either screwed directly into the gearbox or in conjunction with the UDS both versions of the Vogelsang speed sensor are used to calculate the flow rate, allowing precise control of the required spreading capacity.
Vogelsang EP Series

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