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Vaughan Conditioning Pumps™  are Submersible Chopper Pumps mounted on a portable stand and fitted with a high-velocity mixing nozzle. The Conditioning Pump recirculates the contents of the wet well, chopping and mixing to produce a homogeneous mixture that is more easily pumped out. Floating mats are removed and solids that have accumulated on the floor are re-suspended. As the pumps are mounted on a portable stand they can easily be used in multiple applications at a single job-site, facility or municipality.

Before Using Vaughan Conditioning Pump After Using Vaughan Conditioning Pump


Conditioning Pump Applications:

  • Lift Station Conditioning
  • Basin Conditioning
  • Influent Station | Channel Conditioning
  • Holding Tank Conditioning
  • Digester Clean-Out | Homogenization

Features of Vaughan Conditioning Pumps:

  • Mix up to a 12,000 gallon wet well with as little as 7.5 hp
    • S4KC:  5hp used for up to 7,000 gallons
    • S4SC:  7.5hp used for up to 12,000 gallons
  • Portable configuration comes complete with stand for ease of installation
  • 3”-6” pumps with 5 HP – 40 HP motor and flows from 400 GPM – 1800 GPM are standard product. Larger models with higher flow rates are available
  • Conditions tank contents to prevent plugging of standard non-clog pumps and helps protect downstream equipment
  • Removes floating materials and resuspends settled solids
  • Straight, angled and double nozzle configurations available
  • Vaughan’s exclusive non-clog performance guarantee
  • Paint system specifically formulated to withstand severe wastewater environments

Materials of Construction:

Impeller | Upper Cutter | Cutter Bar | Cutter Nut
Cast Alloy Steel, Heat Treated to Minimum Rockwell C 60

Casing | Bearing Housing
Ductile Cast Iron

Mechanical Seal
Cartridge Type with Silicone Carbide Seal Faces & Stainless Steel Sleeve

Thrust Bearings
Back-to-Back Angular Contact Ball-Type

ISO Grade 46 Hydraulic Oil



Tank Bottom Sludge & Grit Mixing – Submersible Pump

CFD animation demonstrating how a 6 inch layer of grit buildup on a tank floor is suspended, mixed, and homogenized in minutes. Streamlines indicate fluid paths, demonstrating complete tank mixing using a Recirculating Submersible CHOPPER Pump (Tank Size: 12x12x9′). 

Vaughan Conditioning Pump Eliminates Surface Matting

This CFD animation demonstrates how a Vaughan submersible “S4S” Conditioning (Chopper) Pump can mix a 12” layer of oil or surface matting into a 12’ x 12’ x 09’ tank in five minutes. Conditioning Pumps provide an extra level of treatment to any wastewater system by “conditioning” the contents of a pit before the solids are transferred to another location. The Conditioning Pump utilizes a nozzle and portable-stand design that allows the unit to be moved around from pit to pit as needed. Once the Conditioning Pump is lowered into a reception pit it goes to work to reduce solids sizes, keep particles suspended, and emulsify any stratosphied layers. The Conditioning Pump is perfect for Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) applications or any process that requires a uniform mix. Other applications include waste reception pits in hospitals, prisons, waterparks, industrial sites, big box stores, etc.


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Conditioning Pump Eliminates a 4' Mat of Grease and Debris - Paid for itself in 2.5 Months

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Vaughan FOG and Organics Processing

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