SEEPEX Stators – Individually Made

SEEPEX stators are custom-made for every size and pressure stage, featuring precisely crafted geometries produced in-house at SEEPEX. The crucial advantage to this custom-made approach, allows for the the manufacturing of integrated gaskets at both ends.

These integral gaskets are especially important for conveying toxic and aggressive products. As the stator tube or bonding chemicals do not come in contact with the product, corrosion is prevented. Moreover, this design meets the strict hygienic requirements of the food industry.

SEEPEX offers stators in a variety of elastomers, each manufactured with specially adapted cores based on their specific shrink factors.


An even compression between the two main pumping elements – the rotor and stator – is crucial, because it guarantees high efficiency and low driving power. Unlike competitors’ stators, which are manufactured from cylindrical cores and thus have a strong pull-in area at the ends, SEEPEX stators are manufactured from appropriately designed cores.

  • Even compression throughout the entire length of the stator
  • Protects the bonding adhesive from attack by ketones or alcohols
  • Repeatable performance when stators are replaced


  • High level of volumetric and mechanical efficiency
  • Low driving power
  • Lower starting and operating torque
  • Good pressure stability
  • Optimum pumping characteristics across the entire speed range
  • Reliable sealing prevents corrosion and premature wearing
  • Easy maintenance due to simple assembly


Precision is the basis for performance. SEEPEX’s stator manufacturing equipment is optimized for an equal geometry over the entire stator length. This way our stators provide the right amount of clamping and an optimal performance.


Stators with uniform elastomer wall thickness are particularly characterized by higher stage pressure.

  • For high temperature medium
  • More pressure in a smaller footprint
  • A 33% reduction in starting torque
  • Pressure: up to 96 bar (1400 psi)

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Seepex Technologies

Seepex Technologies


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