Poultry and Meat Processing Pumps

Poultry and meat processing pumps from John Brooks Company – We carry a range of SEEPEX pumps that meet the demands for meat and chopped meat transfer with gentle action, ensuring product quality and integrity is maintained.  Specially designed pumps ensure large particle sizes can be handled, including whole chicken breasts if required, with no damage. They are ideal for conveying processing by-products, consisting of blood, intestines, skin, heads or other body parts, out of the production areas. Poultry, meat and its finished products handling is strictly regulated by a variety of laws and hygiene regulations so that only hygienically safe meat reaches consumers. So is the disposal of organic waste.

The processing methods for these basic ingredients generate significant quantities of waste and by-products which are also subject to regulations for disposal.

  • Our pumps are designed for CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place).
  • They meet US 3-A Sanitary Standards requirements.
  • They are designed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines.
  • Product wetted, non-metal parts are conform to FDA CFR 21 

This methods of processing by-products and waste ensures –

  • Bio-security and compliance with relevant regulations regarding waste disposal
  • Reduced waste volume
  • Energy savings compared with alternative systems
  • Reduced labor costs

John Brooks is also a distributor for Air Operated Double Diaphragm blood pumps from specifically designed for pumping blood, organs, fats and waste in the meat and poultry processing. The blood pump from Sandpiper has been the workhorse of the meat and poultry processing industries.

  • Thick, robust chambers that withstand abrasive blood flow.
  • Flap Check valve design that allows passage of small to large solids
    – Feathers
    – Pig Hair
    – Casing room waste
    – Organs
  • Unique top-suction / bottom discharge porting that prevents solids from collecting inside
  • Optimized performance and efficiency. Ideal for process water & wastewater management where pumps run continuously as well as Tallow and Suet transfer
    – Highest flow capacity 1″, 2″ and 3″ pumps available in the industry
    – Lowest air consumption in its class
    – No reduction in performance as the pump ages
    – Minimal flow velocity changes for superior handling of thick, viscous fluid

We are also a distributor of high quality meat and poultry processing pumps from Gorman Rupp. Gorman-Rupp has an excellent reputation for quality and durability, and their pumps are designed to handle heavily loaded wastewater. Gorman-Rupp pumps are also used in many other industries including water, paper, packaging, chemical and meat processing.

meat and poultry processing pumps

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