H2O Innovation Process Water Treatment

Process Water Treatment

Process water treatment for industrial applications ensures increased water quality which has a direct impact on the the efficiency and/or quality of production processes.

Industrial companies are generally known as large consumers of water whether it be for manufacturing needs or the needs of their employees. Different industrial sectors require the removal of different types of contaminants such as dissolved solids, suspended solids or hardness. One consistent reality for industrial processes is that high quality water generally improves the quality and/or efficiency of production processes.

To fulfill the different water requirements from various industries, such as energy, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc. H2O Innovation uses different membrane filtration technologies and offers custom designed systems adapted to each situation.

Through the use of these membrane filtration solutions:

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Membrane bioreactor
  • EDI

A long list of water contaminants can be eliminated:

  • Bacteria, viruses
  • Ions
  • Micro-organisms
  • Chloride, Hardness, Arsenic, and Fluoride
  • Colour and Turbidity
  • Cyanobacteria, Cyanotoxins
  • Dissolved Gasses, and more

In addition, H2O Innovation can supply water reuse systems to treat effluents and therefore reduce sludge production and allow the reuse of concentrate. Adding a water reuse process improves the economic and environmental performance of your system.

Over the years, the Company has provided such state-of-the-art systems to several industries here are some examples:

H2O Innovation Process Water Treatment

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H2O Innovation - BioBrane Membrane Bioreactor

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H2O Innovation - Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration

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H2O Innovation - Ultrafiltration

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