Frac Pumps For Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment

Full line of frac pumps – built to withstand the harsh environments of oil and gas fields

In the hydraulic fracturing (frac) process, water and sand are injected at high pressure into production formations in order to open the formations and allow oil to flow. Trailer-mounted blender packages are used to mix the water and sand prior to frac injection and the blender water pumps are usually driven by hydraulic motors.  All the equipment must fit on the trailer and meet weight restrictions, and since an engine is used to power the hydraulics, there is limited power availability.  Pumps in this application must be robust, light weight, compact, very energy efficient, and easy to maintain. 

Given the increasing intensity of hydraulic fracturing operations, traditional frac pumps were reaching the limits of their design capabilities.  We deliver pumps with unrivaled durability and cost-efficiency which reduces expensive downtime and allows for continuous operation.

Gorman-Rupp VG Series, 60 Series, and 6500 Series pumps embody these five design requirements and are the industry standard for this application. 

John Brooks has also worked directly with Gorman-Rupp to develop specific product enhancements to meet the individual needs of specific customers.There are often chemical pumps on frac blender packages and Seepex and Wilden pumps are particularly well suited for these applications.

Frac pumps for Oil and Gas Market

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