Gorman-Rupp 6500 Series End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

The Gorman-Rupp 6500 Series pumps are based on the proven technology of Gorman-Rupp’s Prime Aire and Prime Aire Plus priming-assisted pump models.  The 6500 Series was designed to extend Gorman-Rupp’s end suction centrifugal pump offering and to better serve applications where a suction lift is not required.  A double volute mitigates shaft breakage and extends the life of the mechanical seals, wear rings and bearings, all while maintaining hydraulic efficiency while a side access port allows for easy access to pump interior for inspection and clean out while the pusher bolt capability assists in the removal of the suction flange.

Gorman-Rupp 6500 Series Features:

  • Alloy steel shafts with stainless steel options
  • Dual sight gauges for bearing and seal cavities
  • Smart Scroll® indexable discharge location
  • Atmospheric vent
  • Oversized bearings for longer bearing life
  • Double volute on larger models
  • Solids-handing models include side access for inspection and
  • Five-year warranty

Gorman-Rupp 6500 Series Specifications:

  • Size – 3″ (80 mm), 4″ (100 mm), 6″ (150 mm), 8″ (200 mm), 10″ (250 mm), 14″ (350 mm), 16″ (400 mm)
  • Max Capacity – 15000 GPM (947 lps)
  • Max Head – 530′ (162 m)
  • Max Solids –  4″ (102 mm)
  • Materials of Construction –  Ductile Iron


6500 Series Pump

6500 Series Pump


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