A 16 Page Overview of Our Engineered Fluid Handling Capabilities

The Engineered Solutions Team at John Brooks Company comprises professional engineers and application experts who specialize in fluid handling projects involving:

Pumping | Spraying | Filtering | Valves | Heat Exchangers | Compressed Air Dryers | Pressure Vessels | Controls | Piping | Mechanical Design | Water & Wastewater Treatment | and More. We have the expertise and resources to tackle everything from small custom equipment packages to complete system overhauls and turn-key solutions. It’s our job to react and adapt quickly to accommodate any unique requirements or specifications your application may have.



We are pleased to share our newest digital brochure, titled “Engineered Fluid Handling Solutions”! 

By downloading our brochure, you can learn more about:

  • The Industries and Markets we Serve
  • Our Engineering Capabilities
  • Our Fabrication & Assembly Capabilities
  • Our ASME Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Our Technologies & Key Manufacturers
  • Our After-Market Services
  • Our Focused Project Management


Engineered Fluid Handling Solutions JBESB100721

Engineered Fluid Handling Solutions JBESB100721


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