John Brooks Chemical Metering Pump System

John Brooks Chemical Metering Pump System that is Precise, Cost-Effective and Safe 


The Challenge

The chemical metering pump system of a well-reputed company in the Waste Water Management sector was faced with the challenge of decreasing accuracy, increased inefficiency and increased cost, from their water treatment system that used Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps for metering some of their chemical treatments.

Pulsations from the reciprocating action of the AODD pumps were an issue, and the pumps were unable to accurately control the flow-rate of the chemicals being injected into the water, leading to more than necessary use of chemicals in their process and adverse effect on the quality of treated water.

Our Solution

We replaced the old AODD pumps in the existing system with a prepackaged pump skid system, that included Seepex progressive cavity metering pumps, that are non – pulsing and have a linear flow. Seepex pumps are perfectly suited for chemical dosing because of their easy calibration and maintenance, “no vapor locking” design and their ability to handle high viscosity and corrosive chemicals.

Our pump skid design included three Seepex MD012-12 progressive Cavity Pumps with CPVC housing and Hastelloy C internals, custom mechanical seals so the pumps could be mounted vertically, three calibration columns, three relief valves, ball valves, drain valves and associated Sch 80 CPVC tubing.

We were therefore able to provide the customer a well-engineered, pre-packaged system that was the perfect solution to their problem and which is now an important and integral part of their water treatment process.

chemical metering pump system front view


Application Conditions

  • 2 units pumping Biocide at flow rates of 0.005 – 1.36 m3/h
  • 1-unit pumping Scale Inhibitor at a flow rate of 0.005 – 1.36 m3/h


Value from switching to John Brooks Chemical Metering Pump System

  • Lower chemical costs
  • Consistent water quality
  • Substantially reduced equipment maintenance resulting in lower costs
  • Elimination of excessive operator involvement
  • Lessened damage to the process due to the elimination of pulsing in the chemical lines

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