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The Challenge

Our customer was facing numerous problems with their Pitot Tube Pump pressure wash system. It was a constant flow system and demand for high pressure water varied throughout the day.The excess flow was diverted through a bypass line back to the supply tank. The diverted water was hotter than the inlet water as it was heated through the inefficient pumps, leading to high energy cost, overheating of water in the supply tank and frequent breakdown of the pumps.

The Solution

Our engineers understood the challenges at hand and developed an optimal solution.

This high pressure wash system designed for our customer, includes hydraulically efficient Hydracell positive displacement pumps. The pump control system utilizes a VFD and staged pump control to maintain a constant discharge pressure to feed the wash equipment.  In this control system, the lead pump’s speed is adjusted in response to the pressure of the pump discharge header.  As the flow demand in the plant increases and decreases, the VFD automatically ramps up and down to maintain the discharge pressure at a constant level.

There are 6 pumps in this high pressure wash system, which can be be turned on depending on how much flow is required by the wash system. This variable flow system allows very little water to bypass, which prevents overheating of the tank and wastage of energy. It also comprises of a surge suppression tank, to eliminate spikes that damage the pumps and  helps prevent breakdown. 

Also, the routine maintenance of the HydraCell pumps is much easier than the pumps that were replaced.

Application Conditions

  • 160F wash water
  • 500psi – 950psi (operator adjustable pressure set-point)
  • 0-200GPM (control panel automatically adjusts flow rate to match system demand)

Components used in the system

  • Hydracell D35 pumps with 30HP WEG W22 Premium Efficiency Motors
  • WEG CFW11 Pump Genius VFD in custom control panel
  • 54USG Hydac Surge Tank
  • Frame with vibration suppression for pumps
  • CRN for piping system.

The Value of  switching to High Pressure Wash Systems from John Brooks Company

  • No overheating of tank
  • Consumes less than 35% of power compared to constant flow system
  • Substantial yearly savings
  • No breakdown of the pump
  • Easier maintenance


High-Pressure-wash-System-skid-600x570 High-Presuure-wash-system-control-panel


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