John Brooks Chemical Additive Facility

Complete Packaged Chemical Additive Facility

  • 2 stacked 40’ sea containers with Chemical Storage area, metering & control skid, Control panels, Instrumentation, and eye wash station.
  • Metering Pumps are Pulsafeeder PulsaPro 680 (Class 1, Zone 2 environment) – API 675 | STROKE CONTROL

See the PulsaPro 680  IN ACTION…

This Custom Package consists of the following:

  • 2 x Customized & Insulated 20’ Stackable Units complete with all interconnecting components
  • Upper Unit features roll-up door for receiving and storage of chemical drums
  • Lower Unit has the chemical mixing and dispensing equipment including an eye-wash station with safety shower
  • 3 x Chemical Transfer/Addition “Shot” Feeders (one each for Trichloroethylene, Ethanol and Anti-Stat)
  • 2 x Blending and Storage tanks (1 for Trichlor/EtOH/HSR Blend and 1 for AntiStat/Distillate Blend)
  • 1 x Simplex Metering Pump System for Trichlor/EtOH/HSR Blend
  • 1 x Duplex Head Metering Pump System for AntiStat/Distillate Blend
  • 1 x Simplex Metering Pump System for Demulsifier
  • Drawings & Documentation
  • Commissioning, Start-Up and Training

John Brooks Metering Skid Right View

John Brooks Metering Skid Left View

John Brooks Metering Skid Front View

John Brooks Metering Skid Back View


Roll-Up Door







Complete-Packaged-Chemical-Additive-Facility-eyewash station view

Complete-Packaged-Chemical-Additive-Facility-eyewash station view

Complete-Packaged-Chemical-Additive-Facility - Upper Unit - Ladder

Upper Unit – Ladder

Complete-Packaged-Chemical-Additive-Facility-Upper Unit - Chemical Storage Area

Complete-Packaged-Chemical-Additive-Facility- Upper Unit – Chemical Storage Area




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