BETE WT Dry Scrubbing Nozzles

Bete WT Dry Scrubbing Nozzle –Hollow Cone, and Tangential Whirl Nozzles

In tangential whirl nozzles the liquid is introduced from the side of the chamber which causes the liquid to whirl and produce a hollow cone pattern without the need for an internal vane. The Bete WT spray nozzle has large emitting angles and range of flow rates to maximize coverage and minimize water use.

Design Features of the Bete WT Dry Scrubbing, Hollow Cone, and Tangential Whirl Nozzles

– Conventional design using tangential whirl method of atomization

– Right angle

– Durable

– Use where a circular pattern is required or in large area multiple installations where there is considerable overlapping of sprays

– Male and female connections

– Large free passage

Spray Patterns: Hollow Cone
Spray Angles: 70° to 120°
Flow rates: 0.04 to 38.0 gpm (0.125 to 145 L/min)

Standard Materials: Brass, 303 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel.


– Scrubbing: Dry

Hollow Cone 80°

bete wt

Hollow Cone 120°

bete wt

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Bete WT Dry Scrubbing Nozzle- US Units

Size: 194 KB

Bete WT Dry Scrubbing Nozzle- SI/Metric Units

Size: 465 KB

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