Alfa Laval T TZ Rotary Jet Head Range

Thorough and Cost Effective Cleaning

Alfa Laval T/TZ Rotary Jet Head tank cleaning range provides exceptional cleanability, better end-product quality, greater overall output and reduced operating costs. They are designed for hygienic applications such as food, dairy and beverage as well as for the marine environment. Available in various sizes and different configurations covering any tank size.

To achieve the best possible cleaning results, Toftejorg Rotary jet heads use an optimized high-impact jet pattern to provide the highest possible coverage. Cleaning patterns reach the inner tank surfaces to ensure the most effective cleaning in place (CIP) solution possible. The jet pressure, or force of impact, efficiently removes residue to provide the hygienic conditions required for batch production. Self-draining and self-cleaning, inside and out, all Toftejorg Rotary jet heads devices comply with Good Manufacturing Practice. The Alfa Laval Rotacheck system verifies every cleaning cycle to ensure compliance with today’s strict hygiene standards.

The Toftejorg Rotary jet heads effectively clean tanks using less water, less energy and less cleaning agents than Static spray ball´s. This not only helps reduce consumption of water and chemicals but boosts your company’s to environmental profile.

Rotary jet head technology is proven technology that boosts cleaning efficiency by providing reliable and repeatable cleaning performance. Designed to provide minimal internal pressure loss, Toftejorg Rotary jet heads rotate at pressures less than 0.3 bar; however, the recommended operating pressure is between 5 and 8 bar, where the optimal and reliable cleaning performance is achieved. 


  • 60% faster cleaning = more time for production
  • High impact cleaning in a 360° repeatable cleaning pattern
  • Control of CIP through validated cleaning
  • Saves up to 70% of your cleaning cost
  • Hygienic safety by reliable and predictable cleaning performance

High Product Integrity:

To ensure product integrity, all Toftejorg Rotary jet head devices are made of safe and non-reactive hygienic materials. All materials made of stainless steel are fully traceable in accordance EC No. 1935/2004. All non-metallic parts used comply with FDA requirements 21CFR § 174; non-metallic parts of rotary jet heads used for the Biopharm applications are certified in accordance with USP Class VI regulations. Upon request, 3.1 certificates can be supplied for those tank cleaning devices that meet the EN10204 standard.

Marine Application:

Used in the offshore industry and in petrochemicals and chemical processing industries, the T-82 is grease lubricated and designed to clean tanks in a rough environment, e.g. it is widely used in mud tanks on supply vessels and oil rigs where solid particles are in the cleaning media. It is also widely used on barges and product tankers.

The TZ-82 and TZ-75 machines are widely used as portable tank cleaning machines on oil-, product- and chemical tankers.

The Range of T/TZ:

  • T-82
  • TZ-66
  • TZ-67
  • TZ-74 (has been replaced with the TJ40G)
  • TZ-75
  • TZ-750
  • TZ-79
  • TZ-82
  • TZ-89
  • TZ-68
  • TZ-74 Brew Kettle (has been replaced with the TJ40G)

Interested in replacing your T/TZ model tank cleaner? Consider upgrading to the TJ40G

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Alfa Laval T TZ Rotary Jet Head Range

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