Alfa Laval – Gamajet 9 – Mid Size Tank Cleaning Machines

Alfa Laval – Gamajet 9 Cost Effective Impingement Tank and Tote Cleaning

Alfa Laval – Gamajet 9 is a totally new tank cleaning system. A quantum leap in tank cleaner durability, efficiency, and price, the Alfa Laval Gamajet 9 is a totally new tank cleaning system.  The Alfa Laval Gamajet 9 tank cleaning machine offers compact cleaning for small and mid-sized tanks with fewer parts, and a highly durable design, providing superior performance at an affordable price, making it the ultimate tote washer. Fewer parts means fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. Coupled with our renowned product quality, the revolutionary Gamajet 9 tank cleaning Machine designed-in durability allows its use in rugged applications in the harshest environments.

The Gamajet 9, like other Gamajets, is a high-quality tank cleaning machine. Originally designed for tote cleaning applications, the Gamajet 9 tank cleaning machine is also perfect for other small and mid-sized tank cleaning applications. Its 360° spray pattern provides thorough scouring of the entire tank or tote, reducing operating time and costs. At an unbelievably low price, the Gamajet 9 tank cleaning machine sets the standard for cost-effective impingement tank cleaning and tote washing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans totes and other vessels in under 4-12 minutes
  • Powerful: 12 lbs (5.5 kg) of cleaning force at 10’ (3 m)
  • Capable of removing latex paint from a polyurethane tote
  • Compact, durable and easy to maintain
  • Impact: Up to 12lbs at 10′ (5.5kg at 3m)
  • Cleaning Range: 7.5′ (2.5m)
  • Pressure: 50-1000 psi (4-70 bar)
  • Flow: 3-30 gpm (15-110 lpm)
  • Clearance: 2.8″ (71mm)
  • Cycle Time: 4-12 min.
  • Self-Cleaning and Draining
  • Ideal for Totes and IBCs
Alfa Laval - Gamajet 9 Tote Blaster Tank Cleaning System

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