Albin Pump ALH High Pressure Peristaltic Hose Pump

Albin Pump ALH Pump is easy to use and maintain.  If there is a need to lower costs, and a need to reduce downtime the ALH pump is a great solution.

Two shoes mounted at 180° on a rotating wheel compress a reinforced rubber hose that contains a fluid to be pumped. The compression of the hose by the rotating shoes creates continuous suction at the inlet of the pump and pushes the fluid to the outlet of the pump. The pump casing contains a lubricant that reduces friction and ensures the best pump performance with minimum maintenance. The pumped liquid is in contact with only the interior of the rubber hose, thus permitting the pumping of a wide variety of reactive fluids.

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Albin Pump ALH Advantages

  • No Mechanical seal or stuffing box
  • Robust, ductile iron casing
  • Suitable for aggressive or viscous fluids
  • Meters highly corrosive chemicals
  • Fully self-priming up to 27 ft
  • Dry run continuously
  • Outlet pressures up to 220 PSI
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty bearings, greased for life
  • Two-year warranty
  • Plug and play
  • Perfect volumetric flow
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Close coupled

Albin Pump ALH Materials of Construction

For the hose inner layers, 6 materials are available to suit the diversity of the pumped fluids:

  • NR: Natural Rubber (white marketing)
  • NBR: Buna (yellow marking)
  • NBR Food*: FDA approved Buna (white & yellow marking)
  • EPDM (red marking)
  • HYPALON* (blue marking)
  • VITON/FKM* (purple marking)

*Any other hoses material requirements available on request

Albin Pump ALH Options

  • Twin head pump, several pump bodies inline driven by the same gear motor
  • Special connections such as NPT, ANSI, Tri-Clamped, and QD
  • Pump rollers for pump without lubricant
  • Leak detector and revolution counter
  • ATEX I & II Certification

Albin Pump ALH Typical Applications

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Pumping / transfer / dosing of sewage thickened, sludge dewatered, sludge clarifier, waste activated sludge, digested sludge, primary sludge, lime milk, raw sludge, sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulphite, fluoride, polymers

Chemical Industry

Pumping / transfer / dosing various acids, PVDF latex, alcohol, soap, non aromatic solvents, acids, alkalis, suspensions, stabilizers, glue, crude oil, solvents, heavy oils, cleaning of petroleum sludge food industry, in drilling plants

Food Industry

Pumping / transfer / dosing egg white & yolk, eligible fat, semolina, natural flavoring, cream, milk and yogurt, water & salt mixtures, natural flavorings, fats, fruit cake dough/mixture

Agriculture & Biogas

Pumping / transfer / dosing manure, fertilizer sugar mills, treacle, liquid, sugar and various chemicals

Pulp and Paper Industry

Pumping / transfer / dosing latex, kaolin, paper waste sludge, various chemical dosing, Printing ink, solvents, glue, resins, dispersion

Albin Pump ALH 80


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