3M Purification Beverage Production

3M Purification for beverage production includes a unique lineup of  Advanced Purification Technologies products that can help you ensure that you’re starting with only the purest ingredients. Your customers expect consistently great taste and meeting their demands takes precision to a whole new level. 3M purification for beverage production will assist you in managing the smallest of details – down to the last molecule – on a scale that matches your niche- or mass-market operation.

Beer Filtration

3M Beer Filtration

From local craft brews to international mega-beers, success comes down to a fine filtered taste. 3M purification can help your brewery stay on point with reliable, cost-effective separation solutions.

Solutions for Breweries

Savorez de meilleures bières

Wine Filtration

3M Wine Filtration

Texture. Bouquet. Tannins. Making wine is a complex process in which every step counts. Let 3M purification products help you bring out the best of the vine, year after year.

3M Wine Filtration Brochure

3M Distilled Spirits

3M Distilled Spirits Filtration

Premium spirits – brandy, whiskey, vodka and others – require premium distillation. Purification products from 3M are designed to help distillers bring out the best flavors, colors and clarity.

3M Distilled Spirits Brochure

Soft Drink Filtration

3M Soft Drink Filtration

Pop and fizz. Sweet, fruity and sour. Crafting the perfect soft drink takes many different paths, and 3M purification products are designed to support your process.

3M Soft Drink Filtration Brochure

Bottled Water Filtration

3M Bottled Water Filtration

3M products will help protect your high-quality supply. Consumers expect bottled water to be clean, clear, and particle free. Use 3M filters at the bore hole; the tanker off-load; prior to silo storage; or after carbon, sand or multi-media filters for a consistently clear finished product in every bottle.

Microbiological Control in Bottled Water Manufacturing

3M Wine Filtration

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Zeta Plus H Series Cartridges Capsules

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Zeta Plus MH Series Dual Zone Depth Filters

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Solutions for Breweries

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Savorez de Meilleures Bières

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