3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges

3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges are high flow capacity, high efficiency, inside to outside flow direction liquid filtration cartridges designed for applications with large flow requirements.

The 3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges fit into the standard Pall Ultipleat™ HFU filter housings or their equivalent.

The large diameter, pleated depth media cartridge design permits flow rates of up to 500 gpm in a single 60” length cartridge. This results in significantly fewer required filter cartridges for a given flow than standard 2.5” diameter filter cartridges.

3M polypropylene microfiber forms the basis of the filtration media utilized in the HFR Series filter cartridges. 3M’s manufacturing processes allow for tightly controlled specifications resulting in a filter media with absolute rated particle retention characteristics.

3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges utilize a 3M microfiber media specifically designed for use in process water applications containing organic and/or biological contaminants. The media design helps prevent premature blinding of the filter outer surface promoting fuller utilization of the media resulting in an optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability. HFR Filter Cartridges utilize polypropylene end caps, outer sleeve and core to protect the pleat structure integrity and provide a robust filter construction.

Features & Benefits of 3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges

High Flow Capability per Cartridge

  • Fewer cartridges required (vs. conventional 2.5” diameter cartridges), resulting in:
    • Reduced cartridge handling
    • Less individual cartridge seal points reducing chance of fluid bypass

Use of 3M Microfiber Filtration Media

  • High particle removal efficiencies throughout filter life
  • High contaminant capacity

Inside-Outside Flow Path

  • Contaminants captured on the inside of filter

All Polypropylene Filter Construction

  • Broad chemical compatibility

FDA Compliant

  • Compatible in applications requiring direct food contact in food and beverage processing per 21 CFR


  • Process Waters
  • Injection & Produced Waters
  • Ground/Reclaimed/Waste Waters
  • Pre-RO Water
  • Boiler Condensate
  • Refining (Amine, Final Product
3M High Flow HFR Filter Cartridges

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