Wilden PS1510 Brahma Pro-Flo Shift AODD Pumps

3″ | 76 mm

Wilden PS1510 Brahma Pro-Flo Shift AODD Pumps are specifically designed for maximum solids passage and high performance in the toughest applications.

Because of its unique top inlet, bottom discharge orientation and flap valves, the PS1510 Brahma allows passage of large-size solids and avoids damage from product entrapment and settling of solids in intermittent-duty applications. It features bolted construction for superior containment and the ability to pass certain solids up to 76 mm (3″).

It’s easy to maintain, externally serviceable and completely submersible, allowing usage in harsh environments, such as mine dewatering. The PS1510 Brahma meets all ATEX and CE requirements.

Available wetted path materials are aluminum or ductile iron.

Wilden PS1510 Brahma Pro-Flo Shift AODD Pumps come equipped with the Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) that provides 60% savings in air consumption, more yield per SCFM, precisely metered air consumption for less product waste and maximum Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR). Available Pro-Flo SHIFT center section material is aluminum.

Wilden PS1510 Brahma Pro-Flo Shift Benefits and Features

  • Flap valve design for large-solids passage
  • Top inlet, bottom discharge for easy transfer of sediment and solid-laden fluids
  • Powered by Pro-Flo® SHIFT ADS
MAX PRESSURE:125 psi (8.6 bar)
LIQUID INLET:3″ (76 mm)
MAX FLOW RATE:233 gpm (882 lpm)
MAX SUCTION LIFT CAPABILITY:DRY – 23.3′ (7.1m)  |  WET – 29.5′ (9.0m)
DISPLACEMENT PER STROKE (1 cycle = 2 strokes):1.24 gal (4.7 L)

Performance and Specifications

DimensionsFlow Curve
Note: Dimensions vary by material and connection. For additional information, please refer to the PS1510 EOM Manual.Note: Additional performance curves can be found in the PS1510 EOM Manual.

Wetted Housings

Non-Wetted Housings

Aluminum179 lbs (81 kg)Center SectionAluminum
Ductile Iron350 lbs (159 kg)Air ValveAluminum, Anodized Aluminum
Air ChamberAluminum

Elastomer Options

MaterialTemperature Limits
Buna-N10°F to 180°F (12°C to 82°C)
Neoprene0°F to 200°F (-18°C to 93°C)


CE Mark (Conformité Européene – European Conformity)

Wilden CE Certification

Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC has met the criteria for placing the CE mark on our product line. On December 3, 1999, Wilden fully self-certified its product line by meeting all the regulations of the Machinery and PED (Pressure Equipment) Directives. Every pump manufactured by Wilden will now receive the CE mark. Each pump box will also include a Safety Supplement manual in the eleven official languages of the European Community. This CE mark certification is indicative of Wilden’s pledge to providing our distributor network with all the sales tools necessary to excel in a global economy.

ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible)

Wilden Atex EX Certification

It is only natural that the worldwide leading producer of air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps complies with the ATEX 100A directive for explosive atmospheres. The European community and their safety are of utmost importance to us. We take responsibility for not only our product, but also for the supporting documentation and compliance of necessary directives. Wilden is proud to introduce our metallic X pumps that comply with ATEX 94/9/EC Group I, category M2 and Group II, category 2 zones G & D. Our plastic X pumps comply with ATEX 94/9/EC Group II, category 2, zone G.


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Wilden Brahma Series Brochure

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