Wilden AODD Pump Diaphragms

Wilden AODD Pump Diaphragms – Unique Designs and Material Options

Wilden has taken diaphragm science beyond yesterday’s standards to bring you more durable products that will reliably stand up to oil, chemicals, acids and other aggressive fluids. Wilden has also focused on sanitary applications by pioneering new hygienic, FDA-compliant diaphragms with enhanced flex life and durability for significant savings in labor and downtime.

Wilden’s offering includes a number of material options that have been tested extensively over the years for use in AODD pump diaphragms. These materials can be grouped into three primary families: rubber, thermoplastic elastomer(TPE) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These primary materials are available in a variety of designs – each offering unique benefits depending on the application and the characteristics of the product being pumped. Additionally, Wilden diaphragms are offered in a number of shapes, including traditional, contoured and convolute.

Wilden Diaphragm Selection Chart

With so many options to choose from – why not let our Application Experts assist you in selecting the best product for your specific application.

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Wilden AODD Pump Diaphragm Designs:

    Wilden Chem-Fuse IPD

    Chem-Fuse IPD

    Wilden Pure-Fuse IPD

    Pure-Fuse IPD

    Wilden EZ Install Diaphragm

    EZ-Install Diaphragm

    Wilden Full-Stroke PTFE Diaphragms

    Full-Stroke PTFE Diaphragm

    Wilden Reduced-Stroke PTFE Diaphragms

    Reduced-Stroke PTFE Diaphragm

    Wilden Ultra-Flex Diaphragms

    Ultra-Flex Diaphragm

    Wilden Traditional Pie Shaped Diaphragm

    Traditional Pie-Shaped Diaphragm


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