Wilden AODD Pro-Flo X Air Distribution System

The Wilden AODD Pro-Flo X Air Distribution System (ADS) is the latest innovation to the AODD pump world. The development of Wilden’s Pro-Flo X ADS is derived from the Pro-Flo® family and offers an alternative with operational flexibility never before seen. This flexibility is accomplished by the patent pending Efficiency Management System (EMS) which optimizes the Pro-Flo X” ADS for the actual operation parameters, regardless of application demands or pump size.

Due to its ground-breaking design, the Pro-Flo X and EMS technology are simple and easy to use. This is because of the integrated control dial located at the top of the ADS, which allows users to control the flow rate that best suits the application. The results are higher performance, lower operational costs and performance flexibility that goes far beyond what was considered the industry standard.

The Pro-Flo X” ADS is guaranteed to set the AODD world ablaze. Making previously restrictive rules for AODD pump use obsolete, the Pro-Flo X” ADS will out pace, out match and out perform the harshest of conditions.

Applications Include

  • Pumping Chemicals,
  • Sealess Pumping
  • Pumping Glycol
  • Pumping Oil
  • Sump Applications
  • Pumping Produced Water
  • Pumping Paint,
  • Pumping Adhesives
  • Pumping Slurries
  • Utility Pump


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