Vogelsang Wine Pump

Gentle Rotary Lobe Pump for Winemaking

The Vogelsang Wine Pump has significant advantages over traditional pumps used in the wine industry:

  • Reduced Wine Oxygenation
  • High Suction Capacity
  • Resistant to Dry-Running
  • Reduced Noise Level due to Quiet Pumping
  • Service and Maintenance Friendly

Vogelsang Wine Pumps are self-priming up to a depth of approximately nine meters, but can operate under dry conditions and up to 12 bar. They can flow in both directions, and solid material up to 90 mm in size can be moved easily. As Vogelsang wine pumps are smaller and more lightweight than traditional pumps of comparable power, they can also be used in hard-to-reach, tight spaces.

Thanks to the special design of the Vogelsang pumps and its innovative QuickService concept, the service and maintenance is done on site, in nearly no time and can be done by any winery operator.

Flexible Usage for Various Winemaking Applications

With up to 6 models for mobile and stationary applications, the Vogelsang wine pump is the perfect solution for all pumping processes in a winery. From must to whole grapes; the wine pump can handle different fluids with a lot of benefits for this industry. Vogelsang Wine Pumps are equipped with several options as flowmeter, remote control, nitrogen connector or PLC control panel, reaching all market standards for wineries. With capacities up to 724 m3/h and pressures of up to 12 bar, it is the right option for every winery.

Applications Include:

  • Pumping of the Whole Grapes
  • Pumping of Must
  • Recirculation
  • Transfer, Storage and Bottling
  • Pumping out Lees, Pomace and Sediments

Wine Pump Series

  • VX100 Wine Pump:  The Small Rotary Lobe Wine Pump – the smallest model of wine pumps, with capacities from 1 to 30 m3/h and pressures from 4 to 7 bar. The model VX100 is compact and very easy to transport in the mobile version. This makes it ideal for using as a main pumping station for small and medium-size wineries, where all possible media are pumped with only a single pump, as for example whole grapes, must, lees or pomace. For pumping whole grapes, we deliver a pump system including the wine pump and a hopper, which makes the pumping easier. Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, the maintenance needed is done in nearly no time and in a very easy and light way.
  • VX136 Wine Pump:  The Compact Wine Pump –  VX136 is our all-rounder pump with capacities from 5 to 137 m3/h and pressures from 5 to 10 bar in the Q version and from 10 to 12 bar in the QD version, it becomes the ideal pump for the majority of the medium-size wineries. The mobile version of the model VX136 can be used on smaller wineries as a central pump station and for many different applications. The pump in a mobile version is very easy to move and to maintain. As an alternative it can be used as a fixed pump for bigger wineries, and only for certain applications, for example for bottling or cooling. The wine pump VX136  can also be configured as a complete pump system equipped with a hopper for pumping whole grapes.
  • VX186 Wine Pump:  The Sturdy Wine Pump – VX186 is our most powerful pump system for the wine industry. With capacities from 100 to 724 m3/h and pressures from 3 to 10 bar in the Q version and from 6 to 12 bar in the QD version, it becomes the optimal pump for big wineries. The main application of this model is for transfer grapes with or without stalks. The pump can be installed with a special hopper and together with a screw conveyor to pump gently the grapes into the pump chamber. Thanks to the high capacity of this model, another application is to install the pump fixed in the winery and use it as where a big capacity is needed. The size of this model is small if we compare its capacity with a similar progressive capacity pump, providing extra advantages.

vogelsang wine pump

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