Vogelsang RedUnit XRL260

The Industrial Shredding Machine for Challenging Applications

The Vogelsang RedUnitXRL260 is a powerful twin-shaft grinder with an innovative service concept. With its high throughput capacity of up to 100t/h, it is used when a variety of large, stubborn materials need to be processed in a short time, such as whole carcasses from cows, pigs and poultry. But the Vogelsang RedUnit XRL260 can also do a great job in processing organic waste and other areas of the recycling industry, driven by two geared motors of up to 37kW each.

Thanks to its innovative service concept, the rotor shafts can be removed from the side and replaced without having to dismantle feed and discharge systems such as conveyor belts. In the same way, contaminants can also be easily removed, so that interruptions to production are kept to a minimum.

Benefits of the Vogelsang RedUnit XRL260

  • Compact and powerful 
  • Cartridge mechanical seal technology increases safety
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Quick and easy service resulting in high availability 
  • Individual adaptation through modular design

How the Vogelsang RedUnit Industrial Waste Grinder works

This industrial waste grinder turns solids into pumpable fluids. Media such as organic waste, plastic waste or sugar beats are led into the Vogelsang RedUnit by a hopper. Additional liquid can be added via the Vogelsang VX Rotary Lobe Pump. Throughout the first stage, the Vogelsang XRipper XRL coarsely grinds the media. The media is transferred into a mixing drum of the Vogelsang RotaCut RCQ, which is further broken down into a particular size. The media is then pumped via the Vogelsang CC series Progressive Cavity Pump. 

Vogelsang RedUnit Industrial Applications

The Vogelsang RedUnit is a combination of pumping and grinding. The Vogelsang RedUnit industrial grinders are customized to your needs and specific application. Designed and produced as a complete unit, it includes an advanced control system for maximum efficiency. The Vogelsang RedUnit can be made in stainless steel for more challenging and demanding industrial applications. 

Features of the Vogelsang RedUnit

  • Compact Design
  • QuickService
  • Customized Configuration
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Monolithic Ripper Rotors
  • Quality Cartridge

Options of the Vogelsang RedUnit

Control Unit
To gain maximum efficiency of the plant, an option control system can be added to the Vogelsang RedUnit
Stainless Steel Variant

The Vogelsang RedUnit is also available in a stainless steel variant for coarse applications.

Vogelsang, a supplier with over 80 years in the biogas sector, has worked continuously with customers to create innovative biogas fluid handling technologies. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of biogas machinery from start to finish in the fermentation process. Vogelsang has serviced thousands of installations and customers worldwide.


Vogelsang Biogas - Brochure

Vogelsang Biogas - Brochure

Vogelsang RedUnit - Technical Data Brochure

Vogelsang RedUnit - Technical Data Brochure


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