Tuthill M Series Magnetically Coupled MagDrive Pumps

Tuthill M Series Magnetically Coupled MagDrive Process Pumps

Tuthill M Series magnetic coupled pumps feature a robust design to better withstand the unexpected. Process upsets and cold starts can result in decoupling and permanent magnet damage that results in costly repairs and unplanned down time. Using generously sized high temperature magnets can often prevent this situation. That Is what Tuthill delivers in the M series magnetically coupled seal-less process pumps. With more robust components and superior engineering, these pumps are much less likely to decouple in upset, cold or high viscosity situations. Even in the event of decoupling or run dry, our high temperature magnets are more likely to survive than standard low temperature magnets found in other pumps .Invest in a better pump to avoid those costly magnetic drive pump repairs.

Tuthill M Series Description:

Flow Capacities: .5 to 80GPM (.11 to 18.2 m3/hr)
Pressure: Up to 500 psi(see model chart)
Viscosity: Up to 75,000 ssu (16,500 centistokes)
Temperature: 300°F (149°C) standard construction
500 °F (260°C) high temperature construction

ModelPort SizeUSgpmMaximum PSIMaximum m3/HrMaximum SpeedConstruction
ML0I.5″ NPT1.85000.43600Iron
ML1I.5″ NPT3.25000.73600Iron
ML2I1″ NPT6.25001.43600Iron
MC2I1″ NPT9.01002.03600Iron
MC3I1.25″ NPT181004.13600Iron
MC4I1.5″ NPT361008.23600Iron
MC5I1.5″ NPT6210014.11800Iron
MC6I2″ NPT8410019.11800Iron
MG015I1.5″ NPT/BSP152003.41800Iron
MG030I1.5″ NPT/BSP302006.81800Iron
MG080I2.125″ ANSI/ISO8020018.21500Iron
MG015S1.5″ NPT/BSP121502.71200Stainless
MG030S1.5″ NPT/BSP221505.01200Stainless
MG080S2″ ANSI/ISO5615012.71000Stainless

Tuthill M Series

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