Top Manifold for Uniform Misting of Beef Patties

We Customized a Misting Manifold Solution to Improve the Product Quality and Process Efficiency for Our Customer

The Challenge

A beef processing facility in Western Canada faced a challenge on their beef patty processing line. The spray manifold they were using to mist water onto the beef patties before they were flash-frozen needed replacement; it was no longer spraying the entire conveyor width, resulting in inconsistent product weight and quality. They required a reserve where the spray angle would be more comprehensive to cover the whole conveyor but did not overlap; the impact would stay low, so the product would not be damaged, and the flow would be kept the same to conserve water.

The Solution

Our application expert met with the customer to review and discuss their application. He worked with our Engineering team to develop a manifold that covered all the customer’s criteria and retrofitted to their existing controller. The manifold consists of a 36″ long lightweight 316 Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings for easy installation and removal; Four 303 Stainless Steel 60° Flat Fan Nozzles spaced equally apart for consistent, uniform misting.

Custom Misting Manifold Technology Used

We used a custom misting manifold technology to solve the customer’s problems.

  • John Brooks Custom Built Misting Manifold 1” SCH 40 Pipe, 316 Stainless Steel
  • 4 Nozzle Assemblies | 60° Flat Fan Spray Pattern

How the Misting Manifold Work

  • 36” Misting Manifold is mounted into the Existing Stainless Steel Box on the conveyor.
  • Formed Beef Patties travel along the conveyor under the misting manifold to the flash-freezing process.


Top Manifold for Uniform Misting of Beef Patties

Top Manifold for Uniform Misting of Beef Patties


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