Summit 2196R Recessed Impeller (Vortex) Pumps

Summit 2196R Recessed Impeller (Vortex) Pumps

The Summit 2196R Recessed Impeller (Vortex) Pumps are open impeller, centrifugal model pumps with end suction and top discharge. They are specifically designed to handle mild industial corrosives.

Features Include

  • Tangential Discharge
  • Integral foot Support
  • Fully confined gasket
  • Optional OCnnections available for flushing, venting, and solids cleanout
  • Sizes to 3 x 4 – 13
  • Back Pull-Out utilizing ANSI bearing frame
  • Inpro® Seal Bearing Isolators are standard

Material of construction

  • CD4MCu only

Applications Include

  • Pumping water
  • Pumping glycol
  • Pumping condensate
  • Pumping paper stock
  • Pumping white water
  • Booster pumps
  • Low-flow pumping
  • OEM pumps

Interchangeable With

  • Goulds pumps
  • Durco pumps
  • Peerless pumps
  • Worthington pumps
  • Sulzer pumps

For more information contact us at:1-877-624-5757

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SUMMIT 2196R Resessed Impeller (Vortex) Pumps

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